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    Why do computers read binary numbers?

    Why Computers are read only binary numbers?
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    Hi Guri,

    A computer is machine which works with a power supply.
    A power supply will be operated in only two steps, one ON and the other OFF. ON is treated as digit "1" and OFF is treated as digit "0".
    Internal of the computer is electronic chips, which are made of all electronic devices like diode, transistor, FET, Flip-Flop, etc. All these electronic devices work with power supply, it means they respond to ON and OFF status of power supply.

    So, we take only two digits 0 & 1 to indicate the status of power supply. Because of only two digits the name given for them is "Binary digits" simply we call them as "Bits". B for binary here.

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    A computer can store and process the data in 2 state device, either 'ON' or 'OFF'. So two symbols numerically used are 0 and 1.

    Computers follow only one language that is the language of '0' and '1' also known as binary. All the data entered by a user are decoded in this language before the computer processes the same. The 3 alpha numeric universal codes available for developing are ASCII, EBCDIC and BCD.

    Binary digits are called BITS. BI is taken from binary and TS is taken from digits. Information is represented in digital computer in group of BITS.

    BInary digiTS = BITS

    8 BITS = One Byte ( one character )
    1 Kilobyte ( KB ) = 1024 Bytes
    1 Megabyte ( MB ) = 1024 Kilobytes
    1 Gigabyte ( GB ) = 1024 Megabytes
    4 Bits = 1 Nibble
    1024 Gigabyte ( GB) = 1 Terabyte

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    It's not actually the computer
    but its components and wires
    i.e. either electricity flows 'on' or it doesn't 'off'
    components understand this only so after all hex and decimal number systems
    computer finally is a dumb binary machine!.

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    Computer has been designed such a way that it can not read the general language or symbols which we generally use in our real life. After all computer is a electronic device and it has only two conditions 0(off) or 1(On).

    This is how computer works whatever we give as an input there are number of program which converts in Binary code specially it is done by Assembler and all. So this 0 and 1 is also called as Machine Code. Thus Computer only can understand Binary Digits(0 or 1).


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