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    How to get PUK code of mobile phone?

    I don't know what the hell i did in my mobile, but now my SIM's got blocked and the mobile is asking for some PUK code. Got a LAVA KKT25 handset anda vodafone SIM. Can anyone tell me what to do????
    PLease. It's urgent.
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    very simple.Just call the customer care for a particular service provider(Eg. Airtel, Aircel,etc..).I am not joking.Its true.I try it already.

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    PUK is the acronym for Personal Unblocking Key. It is for preventing unauthorized access of mobile phones.If your service provider is Airtel, just send a message in the following format to toll free number 121 from any other mobile phone having Airtel connection as your phone is already blocked.

    PUK space your_mobile_number

    Or else , for any other connection like BSNL,Vodafone etc , you just call your service provider from any other phone having same service provider and you will have to give some details including the number seen on your sim.They `ll unblock your phone (I`m sure about this since the same thing happened to me once :) )

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    hi kevin,

    just call the customer care from other cell and ask the puk code
    by giving your deatil such as sim number , name, address and of course your phone number.
    That all he will provide you the puk code.
    note-keep the puk code safe by writing it somewhere it will help later also.

    explore yourself!!

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    The problem comes when someone tries to enter pin provided in settings of phone.Solution to it is, first you have to call customer care. Surely you lose the total day without your phone, because even you made them know as soon as you realize your Sim was blocked,reply would be like this- please call us after 4or 5 hours. This is time waste process.

    You go directly to your service provider branch office, there easily you can get the solution.Sometimes PUK does not work, at that time you have to get new Sim by paying 20 rupees in case of BSNL.

    "Look at ants and learn"

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    hi kevin,
    PUK the shortform of Personal Unblocking Key is just for security purpose.
    If you or anyone mistakenly or without knowing typed the pin code wrongly means this kind of problem will come.
    You just call the customer care from any other mobile having the same network and tel your 16 digit sim number your mobile number and name. Then they'll tell your PUK code

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    your sim card is locked because you have entered wrong pin code i think.You have to call your operator for getting your PUK code.So just make call to your operator's customer care Desk

    Dont try to guess PUK number if you will enter wrong PUK code 10 times your simcard will be rejected

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    Hi Kevin,
    Be sure about the error msg on the screen, There may be either of them-
    1. PIN blocked, enter PUK no.
    2. SIM card registration fail.
    If it is the first one, don't enter any number else your sim will be rejected due to wrong entry of PUK (Max tries-10). And then your error msg will be the second one.

    For the first case, you can follow the same as posted above.(Call service operator, i.e-voda, verify few details, name, address- get the code-enter it- change new PIN- sim open)
    For the second case you need to visit nearest voda ofc with your ID proof, get sim changed- charges applicable (20 0r 25)


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    Just call your service provider's customer care and tell the executive that your PIN has been blocked and you need the PUK and they will ask you your SIM no. Give them the details, executive will provide you the PUK.

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    PUK(Personal Unblocking Key)
    If you entered wrong PIN code then Your SIM is blocked temporarily.
    After that Mobile request for PUK code.If you entered 10 times wrong PUK number your SIM will be permanently rejected.

    You can get PUK number from the Company call center.They verified your some information like SIM number,name,age,address etc after that they tell PUK number.

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