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    How to avoid frequent fights between wife and husband?

    Dear expert,what are the basic issues on which there arise misunderstanding between couples.can you please explain the reasons behind it.
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    There may be reasons and there may not be any reasons for quarrel between couples.
    Simple solution is trying to realise the reason for the other's question/suggestions.
    Another solvation for avoiding quarrel is just keep quite or leaving the place for a while.

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    Keeping good relation between husband and wife is important for enjoying happy family life along with children. Children will be benefited for their perfect and healthy growth in a good family environment created by their parents. Therefore it is essential to avoid frequent fights between husband and wife due to any small affairs in daily family life.

    The following tips will be helpful to maintain good relationships between husband and wife to enjoy happy family life style:

    • Both husband and wife should be faithful to each other.
    • Openness in mind, patience, tolerance, trust and interdependence can be helpful for good relationship between husband and wife.
    • Love your children and care for their future career which will also keep healthy relation between husband and wife.
    •Don't avoid your own responsibility to maintain smooth and happy family life.
    • Caring each other will be effective to maintain good relationship between husband and wife for disciplined and happy family life along with the children.
    • Both husband and wife should be polite and reasonable in their family life style.
    • Reasonable and justified demands from each other can help for better adjustment between husband and wife.
    • Office and family environments are different. So avoid bossing attitude in family life to keep friendly relationship between husband and wife.
    • Wife should avoid to nag husband repeating avoidable small incidence in family affairs to maintain happy relationship with husband.
    • Blaming to each other for any mistakes will damage friendly relationship between husband and wife. Sharing responsibilities will keep good bonding between husband and wife.
    • Don't disobey spiritual belief of both husband and wife to maintain best relation between husband and wife.

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    Hi Friend,
    The basic essence of marriage is love and understanding. If love is there everything will be there. If any topic creates a fight that topic should not be discussed. Communication should not be missing, i.e., both should spend time for sitting and talking open heartedly they should not always spend time in work without communicating with each other.

    They should be good forgivers, i.e., if wife commits any mistake she should openly accept and ask for forgiveness at the same time the husband should have the heart to forgive and vice versa.

    For more details visit the link:
    Tips for successful marriage

    Tips for Healthy Life

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    According to me lack of understand between each other is the primary reason for the quarrel between husband and wife.Some of these quarrels are silly and some of them turns into serious and beating also takes place sometimes.Simple reasons are behind these fights .Both husband and wife's behaviour ,character is also creats fight between them.Agreeing each other understanding each other and if any one of them argueing the other should keep quiet these will help to avoid fight between husband and wife
    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    Husband-wife relationship or bond is considered as a sacred relationship.
    It is a relationship that is based on complete devotion / dedication and a want to love and serve each other in their life.

    There should be a desire that come from within the heart to support or love or care the partner.
    And this desire doesn't come after knowing the details of the other person, but this feeling is recognized by the souls and is beyond description.
    This is what is called the True Love or Selfless Love - a love or concern for the other person which doesn't anticipate.

    Unfortunately, the husband-wife relationship which is supposed to be based on Selfless Love has predominantly become a selfish love or a love that expects returns. Moreover the relationship is getting mainly affected due to egoism.

    1. The first and foremost reason for arguments or quarrels between husband and wife is Ego i.e the feeling "I".
    2. When the ego is hurt, it will lead to conflicts
    3. The feeling 'why should 'I' do?, Why am 'I' to be blamed ? 'I' am spending 'my' money etc is the root cause for all such arguments / quarrels.
    4. Giving much importance to personal preferences.

    Frivolous matter that leads to agruments
    1. Not keeping a promise
    2. Not purchasing an item that is liked by either of the two
    3. Blaming either one's parents / friends / relatives
    4. Breach of faith / lack of honesty
    5. Selfishness and expecting returns for each and everything.
    6. Hurting emotionally
    7. Character or bad company of the partner
    8. Either refuse or avoid to take up responsibilities
    9. Last but not the least lack of concern or care.
    10. There are many more small matters that lead to a quarrel

    For a happy married life:
    1.There should be care and concern for other other.
    2.There should be a cordial and harmonious relationship between husband and wife.
    3.The partners should try to share the responsibilities and if possible take up the responsibility instead of burdening the other person with responsibilities.
    4. Last but not the least try to love thy partner as thee love thyself.


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    Understanding is the main concept. Husband and wife need privacy to discuss many things. Third person should not interfere in their personal problems. Anyone should keep silent when one is quarreling. I heard that many are applying divorce for small fighting.

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    Its depends on various circumstances and judgment between both of them, indifference between their mind, soul, heart, and decision on each step they takes.

    The special enemy for them is their "Ego" character and not more than that. It should be understand both of them to avoid many conflicts and to enjoy their life.

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    Fights can be avoided my mutual understandings. It all depend upon the frequency of wife and husband how they deal with the matter. If the frequency of fights is more that means there is lack of understanding between the both.

    Both should sit together and find out the ways to live a happy life. They should resolve the matter immediately otherwise these fights can take big shape.

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    According to me the quarrel between husband will start after smome years,if they their is misunderstand for just smal reason,on that time some one should be quiet and we want leave that place he husband and wife the next evrey thing wil be alright and move smoothly.if their is

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