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    Best nutrition diet for diabetes and heart patient?

    Best nutrition diet for diabetes and heart patient?
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    Nutritional Diet For Diabetes & Heart Disease:

    1.The main thing is cut down the usage of sugar,can use artificial sweetners if needed.

    2.Diabetes & heart disease may occur due to stress also.So,know the tension free techniques such as yoga,walking etc.

    3.Cut down carbohydrates and fats which are acculated as sugars in intake.

    4.Increase the intake of Protein in the diet.Potassium rich foods are good for heart.

    5.Regular intervals of meals should be followed.

    6.Maintaining healthy lifestyle socially and psychologically is very important.

    7.Maintaining appropriate body weight is very important.

    8.Drink fluids frequently.

    9.Do not omit or skip the meals.

    10.If been an alcohol consumer,the consuming level should be reduced.

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    Important points to be remember by diabetic patients:
    1)It is important to control the amount and time of food intake.
    2)Meals should not be missed.
    3)sugar should not be used, can use artificial sweeteners.

    Foods to be avoided:
    Glucose, sugar, honey, all sweets, chocolates and candies

    Foods to be restricted:
    Potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes, mangoes, grapes, bananas, alcoholic beverages, fried foods, paratas, poories, pakodas, deep fried foods, dry fruits, salad oils, cakes and pastries.

    Foods to be used freely:
    Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber. radish, soups, buttermilk, tea and coffee without sugar.

    Diet for heart patients:
    1)Eat a variety of healthy foods.
    2)Choose foods low in fat and cholesterol.
    3)Eat less salt or sodium.
    4)Cut back on sugar and sweets.
    5)Eat more carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables) and fiber
    6) avoid carbonated drinks
    7) totally avoid high fat food like butter, ghee,ice cream.

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    India is now considered the diabetic capital of the world, hence there is always a point to discuss about the issue. Diabetes and coronary artery disease do co-exist most of the time. Literally in developed countries like U.S a diabetic is always considered a heart patient. Diabetic patients lack insulin a hormone which is responsible for maintaining good fats and storage of fats in liver e.t.c. Hence the mobilised cholesterol gets accumulated in the vessels of the heart.

    Diet for diabetes
    Dietary measures include high intake of fibre rich food like green leafy vegetables,fruits raw vegetables,papaya, low glycemic index foods,replacing rice by wheat as staple diet, and decreased intake of calories,as carbohydrates or in the form of fats, decreased oily foods like fried foods, baked foods,decreased consumption of bevereages like teas, coffee, calorie less sweeteners can be used. Fenugreek and bitter guard are must in diet as frequently as possible.

    For heart patients
    There is no particular dietary restriction for heart diseases except cutting of cholesterol or fatty foods by avoiding certain milk products, oily foods, fried foods e.t.c

    Important thing is to add citrus fruits to the diet as the improve good lipids and decrease bad lipids. Cutting salt if the person is hypertensive or other heart problems than CAD like already in congestive heart failure exist, is needed.

    But if both the conditions co-exist then the you have to be more cautious and sugar levels have to be taken care of by strictly observing diabetic diet.

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