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    Best food for pregnant woman?

    Suggest best food when woman is conceived.
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    Pregnant ladies can take all kinds of milk product. Must include green leafy veges in their diet.
    Yes, never forget to have a handful of nuts that will help baby to be strong and beautiful.

    Chicken or fish can be included in diet.
    Have multi vitamin tablets and iron tablets too. Please recommend doctor before going for tablets.

    Fruit are also very much good for pregnant ladies.

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    During pregnancy,a woman should avoid any such food which causes constipation.
    All those foods which are rich source of iron & vitamins should be taken.The fibrous food with milk & milk products should be an essential component of meals.
    The hot milk with saffron is good for the foetus.
    Also coconut water,fruit juices[like orange,pine apple,apple]should be taken.

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    Pregnant women are suggested to maintain a healthy and balanced diet,as what a mother eats is directly effected on baby.

    A general weight gain of 9 kg-10 kg is recommended,with increase in extra calorie intake around 2200 to 2800 calories.

    Diet must include:
    1)A serving of 5-6 fruits and vegetables in form of salads etc.
    2) Fruits and vegetables, whole grain products like breads or 3)Cereals, meat, fish,salmon,tuna,egg,soya bean milk and other diary products.
    4)Smoking,drinking,processed food,spicy food,tea coffee,cake cookies,sweetened beverage must be taken in most minimum quatity,if possible,try to avoid.

    some of the most important nutrients required by pregnant women are:
    1)Iron:potatoes, raisins, dates, broccoli, leafy green vegetables.
    3)Fiber : fruits and vegetables, brown rice, nuts, cereals(oats, beans,peas,pulses)
    4)Folic acid:raw dark-green leafy vegetables(spinach),liver, yeast, beans and citrus fruits,cereals and bread.
    5)Vitamin C: citrus fruits(lemon,orange).
    6)Protein and calcium:Fish, meat, nuts, peas, beans and diary foods such as milk,yogurt or cheese and eggs.

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    The 9 month span is a complicated period in human development, a rapid foetal development, adequate caloric intake, as well as specific nutrients are important for the growth of foetal body systems.

    1)Protein foods are necessary for brain cell growth
    2)Calcium for teeth and bones
    3)Vitamin A for eyes and skin
    4)For normal growth and development of brain and body steady supply iodine is important
    5)Check for diabetes, haemoglobin content and blood pressure regularly.

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    More than a good food to a pregnant lady, the good thinking and reading good books, watching good things in TV (better not watching TV) is highly suggestable as it will help greatly for her and her baby.

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    Fruits are the best diet for pregnant women.

    Natural sources of Iron, Folic acid and calcium is required to promote the growth of the baby. Hence She hould have

    Spinach (Iron and Folic Acid)
    Drumstick & Drumstick Leaves (Iron and Folic Acid)
    Dates (High Calorific and source of Iron)
    Milk (Calcium)
    Have Plenty of water.

    To be avoided
    -- Oily and spicy food
    -- Food that doesnt digest Easily (Eg Maida)

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    one other thing-
    pregnant women should avoid to doing yoga and exercise.

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    Fibre foods and low fat foods are really the best options for pregnant women.You can take one egg daily and avoid other non vegetarian items.

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    Green leafy vegetables are rich in Iron and Calcium content.

    Mix of fresh fruits, consumption of raw vegetables and 2-3Ltrs of water daily along with a few exercises like walking.

    Listening to music will keep their temper cool.

    Avoid junk food.

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