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    How to overcome loss from intra day trading?

    Am loosing at least Rs.100 everyday on intraday trading. Suggest me how to invest in a safe way? I would like to earn at least Rs.100 without loss.
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    Hi Baabu,
    First of all I would like to tell you intraday trading is really very risky. From my personal experience, I am telling you I also have lost a very good amount in doing intraday trade. Initially I had some winning trades but later on most of the trades were against me. To do intraday trading you have to have a very good experience, keen watch on the market, all the news which will influence the markets etc. I have seen many traders who ultimately loss from intraday trading.
    I would suggest you to do short term tarding. Where you can take the Say, you are having 100 shares of ABC Ltd in your demat and the purchase price of 90. Lets say the current market price is 100. You can sell the share at the current market price and put the buy order again at lower price say 97. If your trade is executed then it will be considered as Intraday Trading whereas your earlier delivery position will remain be the same. Its a type of short selling but this is backed by your delivery scrips. If the BUY trade is not executed then your deliver shares will be sold where you also in profit (100-90) = 10.

    You can do this type of intraday trading which will ultimately reduce your purchase price and will give you a feel of Intraday Trading. This type of facility is not avavilable with all the brokers. Please confirm with your broker before executing this type of trade. And morething dont do short selling.


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    Intra-day trading means to buy and sell a stock within same day. Day traders in intra-day trading invest huge amount of money in stock market and want to make profits on the same day by leveraging their huge capital taking advantage of small price changes during high volatile market movement

    Common intra-day trading strategies:

    Certain stocks are identified by the traders in the stock market for intra-day trading by speculating the liquidity and volatility of the stocks. Volatility in price range of the stock is ideal for liquidity to make profit by buying at lower price called entry point and selling at higher price called exit point.

    How to select a stock for intra-day trading?

    Fundamental and technical analysis of the specific stock can be helpful to analyze market performance of the stock according to sensex movement.

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    Intraday is normally risky and you can trade it based on your extra income and extra money that you don't depend on, if you would like to buy intraday share then check the daily and weekly calls history of the past, re-analyze then decide to trade.

    More realted link as below;
    Few tips to buy and sell shares

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    From my experience, intraday trading is very much risky, unless you have proper knowledge on share market and the capacity of holding the invested money for a few months.
    There are sevaral tips for you to avoid losses in intraday trading:
    1. Study the performance of that particular share in last 1 month.
    2. Try investing half of the amount you can actually invest.
    3. In case you see the price is falling down, then try to do short sell.
    4. In case the loss is much higher then take delivery and keep watching the share price for the next couple of days.

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    Hi Narayana,

    Everyone says Intraday is risky but i say if there is no risk then you cannot earn anything in Stock Market. If you want to earn then you have to take risk.

    The best way to earn in Intraday is do a Short sell. It means that you have to sell any share first when it is at peak and then buy it when it is trending down. (vice versa)

    We all know that the chances of any share going up is very low but going down is very high in Intraday. So this strategy will help you.

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    Hi R Narayana Baabu

    First of all i want to tell you that intraday trading is risky but it is depend upon you if you are expert person surely you can earn form intraday.
    In both direction(market up and down) you can earn money.

    I give you some tips about the intraday trading:
    1.In intraday you pay the low security charge.
    2.If market is going down that time you can do short sell. can't do trading of unknown share. collect more information about trading shares.

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