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    Essay on Use of Computer in our Life

    Hello Friends, I have to prepare project on "Use of Computer in our life". So pl z tell me views according to you, so I can Write little about this. Thank you.
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    Computers have become a part and parcel of people's lives. There are various benefits of using the computers. Internet connection gives extra life to computers and people can do wonders with the computer with an internet connection.

    Globalization has led to wide use of computers as people across the world can easily connect among themselves. Today's world can be easily termed as Electronic World or 'E'World. We can do so many activities just sitting at home with a mere click of a button. E-Banking, E-shopping, E-learning, E-ticketing, telecommuting, E-mail are the frequent activities done by people pan world. They take the help of the internet to do the above work because it saves them time and money to use the internet.

    Further, you can find computers right from small shops to big establishments functioning non-stop during working hours because it is easy to store information as well as get them very fast whenever required. In addition, lots of storage space is saved . One can save tomes of books and file in a single computers.

    Computers are used by children for playing games. You can also sell and buy old items on the computers.

    There are some social networking sites which connects people of similar taste . Orkut,Facebook, Twitter are the most sought after sites of people of all age groups.

    E-learning and E-conference is also very much happening. People can not only type questions but also interact easily through the web camera by seeing the person directly.

    Computers have created a revolution in the field of healthcare. Laser treatment and pin hole surgeries avoid loss of blood and recovery of the patient happens very fast as incision is minimal.

    Technology is developing very fast. In the near future, inventors might surprise us with a lot of new developments.

    In the final analysis, as computers are becoming indispensable, people should try to learn operating the computers as early as possible.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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