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    Is fenugreek good for diabates ?

    Is bittergaurd and fenugreek good for diabetes ?
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    Not only bittergourd and fenugreek but gooseberry, bael leaf, jamun seed extract, cluster bean powder, vinca rosea leaf, knol khol. gerkins are all believed to have blood sugar lowering property. While some limited scientific studies have done with regards to fenugreek and bittergourd, no such studies have been applied to other products. Therefore based on scientific evidence 25gm fenugreek per day taken in anyform , bittergourd, knol khol taken in raw state may have marginal effect in lowering blood sugar. They are perhaps useful in adult over weight diabetic individuals who are only on diet restriction.

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    Bittergourd (karela) and fenugreek (methi) extract are considered good for controlling the sugar levels as they enhance the secretion on insulin from pancreas.

    Bittergourd juice should be taken empty stomach in the morning which works good. I think half a small cup of the juice will do. (sorry don't know the exact measurement).

    Similarly little methi seeds to be soaked over night and to be taken empty stomach in the morning.


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    ya of course the fenugreek that is popularly known as the methi in Hindi in most parts of India works wonders for the diabetic patient by increasing the insulin production from the pancreas.

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    Yes Fenugreek is going to do magic if you eat regularly.

    It is one of the easiest and cheapest way of treatment.

    I think it acts by lowering the glycemic index, that is little increase in the level of blood sugar following the consumption of food. This great plant also has lactation inducing property antiviral (common flu) property and also helpful in joint pains.

    Bitter guard is also useful because it contains a beta peptide similar to insulin.

    Papaya fruit is also useful in diabetic patients.

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    As you all said that bittergourd juice, fenugreek and jamun seeds extract, etc. Works good, if taken by diabetic patients. Similarly, some people says that if lady finger soaked in a glass of water for whole night and to be taken empty stomach early morning it also works good for a diabetic patient. But, I am very sorry to say that I don't agree with all these given tips because my dad is suffering from diabetes from last 18 years, and he used all these tips to control his blood sugar level. He didn't get relief from anyone of these given tips. So, I don't agree with it at all.

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