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    In electrical engineering, what is the difference between KV ana KVA?

    I want to know the difference between KV and KVA.
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    KV-kilovolts- unit of electromotive force
    KVA-kilovolt Ampere- unit of apparent power


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    Hello Rizwan,

    I thought the question would be KW and KVA

    KV - Kilo Volt which is the unit of measurement of Voltage. This unit is used in High Power Transmission Lines. We might have seen near every HPT Lines - 11 KVA- Danger

    KVA - Kilo Volt Ampere is the unit of Apparent power. An apparent power is the one for which an equipment is rated with. Transformers are always rated in KVA. This is because, there occurs no loss (min loss) due to power factor. The major loss is due to copper loss and humming loss.

    KW - Kilo Watt is the unit of true power. True power is the actual power output of the equipment. A motor is rated in KW which means that the rated output is obtained after the power factor loss.


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    KV = kilo volt, It always denotes a voltage value as electric voltage, EMF.

    Again KVA = kilo volt ampere,
    It denotes the value of power.

    As per the formula Power = current * voltage or P=VI .

    Here both the units combinally become a Power unit as Electric power , Average power, Root Mean Square Power(rms Power) .

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