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    What are procedures for a register marriage?

    What are Procedures for a register marriage?
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    Step one: Locate the Registrar/Sub registrar's office nearer to the residence of bride or bridegroom
    Step 2 : Collectthe application form will be available with them for registration either in the office itself or with the document writers next to the office.
    Step 3: Following documents of both bride and bridegroom are necessary to be enclosed:
    A. Xerox Copy of
    (1)Voter Identity Card;
    (2)Address proof -better ration card (in case Voter Identity
    Card has different address than the presently living);
    (3)School certificate for proof of age/date of birth;
    B. Marriage Invitation

    C. Passport details - if any of them or both of them are in foreign country / about to move foreign country.

    With these documents take one person from both side as witness along with the bride and bridegroom on any working day after the marriage is over.

    On scrutinity of the application with the documents the registrar will issue registration certificate on payment of necessary fee.

    Here please note that the place of marriage and registrars office neednot be one place.

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    Go to the State Government Registrations office.
    File an application and register your name and your spouse's name.

    You should have following things with you:
    1) Photo identity card such as licence, passport, ration card etc.(all photocopied)
    2) 4 copies of passport size photos.
    3) 3 witnesses, their photos and sign.
    4) Proof of age
    5) They will give you a form where you need to have approval of a lawyer.
    5) Your certificate is ready for the approval of government officer's sign.
    6) You will have to face an interview with the registrar.

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    If you are married as per the religious customs and rituals under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, then you need to approach the marriage registration office of the district where you both were married. Generally there is a application form at every office that you both would need to fill and sign stating correctly your names, names of your parents, permament addresses, ID details such as passport numbers etc. Additionally photographs of your marriage showing performance of the religious ceremonies, passport size photographs of you and your spouse and IDs such as Driver license, School leaving certificate, Date of Birth Certificate, Voter's ID or Passport showing proof of age of both of you at the time of marriage would be required . Two to three witnesses who attended the marriage would also sign the form. In some cases, marriage invitation is also required to be submitted.

    If your marriage is under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 in which the marriage is at a marriage registration office and not as per religious customs, then for the purpose of registration, atleast three witnesses are required. The same age proofs as stated above are required, however no marriage ceremony pictures are required since marriage is not conducted as per some religious customs, but is as per the general marriage laws conducted at the marriage registration office itself.



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    There is nothing like register marriage. It is registration of marriage. Every marriage, irrespective of arranged or love marriage has to get registered in the files of office of registrar of respective areas. This will enable the couple to get benefited and also will be a legal proof in case of disputes arising thereafter. After the marriage the couple or their parents are to approach the registrar or sub registrar office of the area in which their marriage was performed, fill in the application with required photographs and the details of the couple with signatures of the couple and three witnesses. They are to be present in front of the registrar or sub registrar with the witnesses and sign in necessary documents. Finally they get a certificate endorsed in the application duly signed by the registrar. This is considered mandatory these days.
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