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    Is it necessary to put a cap over the teeth after root canal?

    Hi Doctors,

    I am undergoing root canal operation for two of my teeth's since yesterday. Once i complete that, doctor is telling that i will not be having pain anymore. But for safety purpose, he is asking me to put a cap (duplicate teeth) over that which is costing around Rs.3800 INR for one teeth and Rs.2000 INR for root canal for one teeth. Is it necessary to put a cap over the teeth after root canal ? is the duplicate teeth this much expensive ? somebody is telling that it is not necessary to put a cap after root canal. Kindly suggest me what should i do please.

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    As you doctor advice you must put a cover to save the root to avoid further damage.The root canal treatment is just a temporary treatment to strengthen that root.You must put cover to avoid food to settle in that place and getting septic.It will cause you serious problem like cancer stones.You must cover that treated teeth soon.Actually I don't think it cost more than 3000.It will cost around 1500 to 2000 according to the models.


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    It is indeed advisable to put a cap over the RCT or root canaled teeth.The procedure involves taking out the bacteria,dead cells that has spread out in the canals and causes the inflammatory response.We actually drill a hole into the tooth to go deep into your teeth and taking out the deadcells,bacteria.

    This procedure weakens the tooth a bit but relives the pain.when you put the cap not only you are strengthening the tooth but also preventing food deposition onto it.

    RCT treatment cost:Rs 2500
    metal is about 700-1000Rs

    ceramic is about 1500-3000Rs[tooth colored material]

    Zirconia is about 3000-6000[strongest of all caps and comes in tooth color]

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    It is always advisable to put a cap over the root canal treated tooth because after the treatment what left is only a shell of teeth without any there will be no strength to chew hard foods..what will happen if bite anything hard and force is fracture of your avoid this you have to wear a cap for the RCTreated tooth..

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    To begin with, I would like to tell you that the root canal failure chances increases if tooth capping is not done. Root canal is a type of treatment in which the diseased pulpal tissue is removed, the root canal enlarged, the canal irrigated and medicated and obturated (filled) with obturating material. The canal preparation makes the tooth weak and lesser capable to withstand occlusal forces. The tooth cap or crown so becomes must to help the chances of treatment failure be reduced. If cost effective treatment is sought, then treatment in dental college can be an option. A metallic crown costs around Rs. 800 and a ceramic crown around Rs. 2000 in a dental college.

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