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    Who appoints the Supreme Court judge of India and on what basis?

    Who appoint the Supreme Court judge of INDIA? By What basis?
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    Dear friend,

    Actually, the judge of supreme court are appointed by the President of India with consultation of both Supreme Court and appointments which is generally made on the basis of seniority. Political influence in this case are avoided. The selection of the judges will be based on the five years experience as judge in any high court or 10 years experience as a advocate in any high court of the states. In article 124(2)shows that president will mostly consult the chief justice or the council of ministers for the appointment of the judges. The judges of the supreme court can continue in the office upto the age of 65 years.


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    President of India appoints the Chief Justice of India. along with 25 other Judges. President of India is empowered in Indian Constitution to appoint judges in Supreme Court in consultation with other members on the basis of seniority and experiences.

    Basis of appointment:

    Appointment of Supreme Court Judges are made on the following basis:

    1. The person should be a citizen of India.
    2. Must have minimum degree in Law.
    3. Minimum 5 years working experience as a judge of High Court in India or minimum 10 years experience as an Advocate in a Indian High Court.

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    Hi friend,
    The President of India appoints the Judge of Supreme Court, President may take the help of other Judges in Supreme Court or High Courts Judges while the appoint of Supreme Court Chief Judge.

    The minimum qualifications for the Supreme Court Judge is given below:

    He should be a citizen of India
    HE should have worked at least 5 years as a High Court Judge or should have worked at least 10 years a Lawyer in High Court or he should be a knowledgeable person in Law in the mind of the President.

    The age of retirement of Supreme Court Chief Judge is 65 years.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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