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    Reducing Dark spots on face

    How to reduce dark spots present on face which occurred due to acne ?
    How to reduce pigmentation?
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    You can apply aloevera extract to reduce pigmentation.Slices/juice of cucumber or potato to reduce dark spots.
    Use oil free cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin,apply toner daily.
    This will nourish your skin and you will find healthy glowing skin.

    Richa Tandon

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    These dark spots is a result of acne,and it can also be called blackheads.
    Blackheads or dark spots are the dead cells combined with oils trapped in the skin.
    Read more on the causes of Blackheads here

    Methods of reducing Dark spots;
    There are many homemade recipes for eliminating and reducing Dark Spots, some of these are stated below;

    • Ingredients are;Honey, Lemon and Egg.
      Method; Mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantities, with egg white. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for 10 minutes, then wash it off.
    • Boil some oatmeal in a little water. Cool it, add some lemon juice, and mix it well. Apply this on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse off.


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    Hi Raghunath,

    You can go through the answer posted earlier by clicking this Link.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Naresh Kumar
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    Hello Raghu,

    How to reduce dark spots is a tough question but not impossible, follow below steps for better help.

    1. Use lemon juice on your face daily, lemon is a natural reducing agent.

    2. Use Alvera gel on your face in the night time and wash your face in the morning.

    3. Wash your face daily with very effective soaps. Never use beauty soaps.

    4. Use multani mitti, it will make your face brighter and spotless.

    5. You can use various products by various companies specially beauty companies like garnier.

    6. Make a mixture of honey , lemon and rose water and apply regularly for better results.

    7. Take 1 almond and mix it with small amount of milk and put in your face and wash it after 1 hour.

    8. Make a paste of Neem leaves and put it in your face.

    9. Use some blood purifiers available in chemists stores or nearby medical stores.

    With Regards,

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    You can follow these homemade tips to get rid of scars on your face forever.

    1. The best one is tomato, being rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are proven anti-pigmenting agents, makes it ideal. Just cut the tomato into two halves, rub it on your skin (all over face) mildly until all the liquid gets into the skin. Let it dry and leave it still for about half an hour and then wash it off with besan (don't use soap). you will eventually notice a fresh glow in your face and not just that, you even observe the scars on your face gradually fading away with time when you do it daily or few times a week. The alpha hydroxy acids in tomato gradually peels off the dark and dead skin, exposes the new and under layers, thus making skin look fresh and scar-free.

    2. Another best thing is lemon, But it doesn't suit some skins especially the sensitive and delicate skins, as it is very rich in acid. So, first try using it on your arm. If there is no rash, tingling and irritation, you can use it on your face. Rub it on your skin. But don't leave it for long durations and also don't do it daily. leave it for just 10 minutes and wash off and do it not more than twice a week.

    3. Next comes the Cucumber, which is very rich in skin purifying agents and agents with astringent properties. they not only help remove the scars on skin, but also removes excess oil from the skin thus making it look fresh, healthy and shiny. You can use it daily and this is definitely more effective than using lemon on your skin. Take cucumber slices, rub them all over your faces, leave it for an hour, then rub all over your face with ice cubes (it opens up and cleans the skin pores) and then was it off. you will eventually notice the change in your skin.

    4. You can also use potato, with the same procedure said above. It also have proven anti-pigmenting properties and scar-diminishing effect on skin.

    5. Take raw food (soaked or sprouted grains and raw vegetables) as often as you can, that purifies the blood from with in and helps eliminate all the impurities and toxins from the blood, which could have effect on skin and makes it dull.

    6. Wash your face as often as you can but only with plain water or a mild face wash, never use too much soap on your skin that removes moisture and makes the skin even more dull and dry.

    7. Avoid using expensive anti-pigmenting chemicals. Not only their effect on your skin is short-term but also long-term use of such chemicals may have harmful side effects on your skin.

    8. Above all, Be Happy and keep Smiling. That adds to your personality.

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    Dark spot occures on face due to pimples or improper face care. This spot never remove completley by any medicine but they lightening by using some home remedies.
    here I can go for simple and effective home remedies that useful for lightening dark spot on face.

    Apply milk cream to skin, leave from 15 minute and wash with water.

    Apply curd mixed with lemon juice at night let it dry and wash with water.

    Apply coconut oil before going to bath and then used turmerik powder paste, green gram and few drops of milk. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes, let it dry then scrub it in circular motion with finger tips. Wash with water just do this two times in a weak.

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    A quick fix for those obnoxious tell-tale signs of an acne eruptions is to dab a a swab of cotton wool soaked in line juice.
    Apply on effected area, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. Regular use will lighten those dark spots.

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    Dear Raghunath Achari,
    if you reduce dark spots present on face which occurred due to acne follow the seps:
    1) At nightwash your face with milk.
    2) Rub tomato juice/ lemon juice on your face.
    3) Appying curd with papaya on your face for five minutes
    these proceess applying countious 15 day.

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