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    What is the schedule VI status and on what basis is it awarded?

    what is the schedule VI status ? On what basis it is awarded ?
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    Sixth Schedule status:

    Sixth Schedule is related to Constitution of India. In sixth schedule, provisions are written for administration of Tribal areas. These tribal areas include areas from states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram.

    Why is sixth schedule written?

    1. In British India, tribal people are neglected and they were not mixed with people of India. They lived independently and had their own age old administration practices. After independence, we chalked out plans to mingle them with main course of India. They showed reluctance towards it. As situation was worsened, Indian government had left them with their administrative structures and not forcing them to be part of mainstream. India had taken slow process to unite them through providing independent councils, electing leaders among them, having their own judicial practices.

    2. Our constitutional forefathers have imagined the backwardness of tribal people and wanted to develop regarding to aspirations of local people. Hence, they provided them with sixth schedule.

    Benefits of sixth schedule:

    Autonomous regional councils can be set up. These regional councils have authority to take legislative decisions independently. They are provided revenue sources. Grant-in-aids are available annually.

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