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    How to remove shortcut in pen drive?

    Hi, My Que. is
    "Why shortcut is created in pendrive & how will remove it?"

    Thank you!
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    Select it then press shift+delete.
    click yes on the dialog that appears

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    Hi, sometimes it may be because of virus. Self appearance of a file without your intervention is to be considered like that.

    You can format it to get rid off the problem. For that you have to
    1) Right click on your pen drive icon
    2) Then, you have to click on format.

    Then problem will be solved.

    "Look at ants and learn"

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    Hi, deleting the shortcut or formatting the pen drive is no permanent solution. It wud b better if you buy a good anti-virus like norton or Mcafee (or look for some free A/v on net).

    keep ur pc and pendrive safe.

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    Formatting your pendrive in a system having fully updated antivirus would do. If your pendrive is badly having a bad sector problem by then there will be some loss of storage space.

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    You are infected by virus and you can delete those shortcuts either by scanning it with anti virus and then try deleting them or by just formating it.

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    Removing Shortcut Virus

    Hi Shubangi,
    Deleting the shortcut folders or files or just formatting the pen drive is not the permanent solution as said by Amul Aggarwal.
    Shortcut is created in pen drive from a virus. Your contents everything will be present in your pendrive itself. But all the files and folders will be shown as shortcut only.
    Now I'll say you different methods to overcome this problem.

    Method 1:

    1)The first method is used to scan your Pen Drive with a good anti virus. I prefer updated Avast 5.
    2)Then after scanning if your anti virus detects and deletes those files means den you goto the Tools->Folder Options.
    In that just click Show All Hidden Files and Folders .
    Then your contents will be retrieved safely without any harm to your PC.

    Method 2:

    1)Open your Pen Drive.
    2)type the file name or Folder name in the Address bar alone. Not that .lnk link.
    Example: Folder name "abc" in your pendrive is affected by the shortcut virus. If your Pendrive is detected in the G: means then type in the address bar as follows G:\abc that's it.
    3)contents inside the folder will not be affected.
    NOTE:this method is not a safer one.

    Method 3:

    1)Install Winrar Software in your system.
    2)Open your pen drive in the winrar.
    3)Now you can get your files of folders.
    4)The highlight of this is the Winrar software separates the original files and folders and the shortcut viruses.

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    Best solution is back up all data format it and restore all back up data, after that run the antivirus. Always install good antivirus with licensed version to avoid viruses, threats etc.

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