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    How to increase my concentration power?

    RESPECTED sir/madam

    am doing B.E pre final year from the beginning of degree itself i cant concentrate even on a simple things itself. so kindly help me to increase my concentration power to do the degree well..........

    thank you......
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    "The difference in men does not lie in the size of their hands, nor in the perfection of their bodies, but in this one sublime ability of concentration: to throw the weight in one blow, to live eternity in an hour." – Elbert Green Hubbard
    Hello Gokul,
    Concentration is the act of using your Brain to the maximum about a single topic with intense pressure to focus on it. .
    Restlessness, tiredness and fatigue can attribute to less concentration power. A good nap at night would help you to relax. Reduce anxiety and don't wander along with many thoughts in your mind while at class both at college and at home. Try to be relaxed, calm and patient.
    Here are some points which I follow. Hope it would be useful for you too.

    1. Keep yourself fresh by taking a good sleep in the night and then attend the classes. You can feel charged once you are relaxed.

    2. Always prepare the syllabus before attending the collage lecture. If you have read the topic at least once yourself, it would be very easy for you to recollect the facts and lecturers notes would help you to grasp the maximum. Moreover, you will feel confident in answering the questions put up in the class.

    3. Sit erect. This posture gives you confidence and helps you concentrate on the lecture.

    4. Makes notes of every point which struck to your mind. Don't plan to return the book back to the book store in the same new condition. You can make note on the textbook itself near the printed material. This would help you to recollect the relevant points during the revision for the finals.

    5. Use as many colours and highlights as possible. Highlight the important sentences and words which you come across that is the key word for the topic.

    6. Stick to Books – Don't land up in front of Computer and waste your time for the server to get connected. Always stick to your syllabus alone.

    7. Set a Goal for you - Preferably, Make a time table with date wise topics to be completed and follow them strictly. Ensure that you do not fool yourself. Remember there's no short cut but to work hard.

    8. Keep your study table neat and clean. Remove all unwanted materials from the table which may distract you from studies. Paste the time table prepared on the wall in front of you so that every time you are updated with your task for the day.

    9. Repeat the topic again and again. Repetition would help the brain recollect it later.

    10. Try to make your studying an experience of life to cherish in the future. Remember how King George VI in the film The kings Speech did? Try to remember the topics in the form of songs or Rhymes. It will really work.

    11. Take breaks in between the study hour. May be a 10 minutes of break every after 45 minutes of continuous study would help you to relax better. But the study timings must be followed.

    12. Listen to some light, Low volume music (preferable Classical instrumental or your favourite music). But, ensure that the relaxation does not become distraction for you. Make it a point to keep the volume as low as possible for only you to listen. Avoid using headphones.

    13. Avoid anything which is loud and distracting you from the studies. Even if the distraction is your beloved younger brother. Strictly avoid yourself from all sorts of distractions during study time.

    14. Yoga helps you to keep your breathing in tune and relaxes your muscle and mind. So this can be a very useful act to make you prepared for the study.

    15. Try to be healthy always. Follow good eating habits and exercise to keep you fit both physically and mentally. Always remember a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body.

    16. Be positive of your capabilities- Never think that you cannot do it. Believe in yourself and the hard work that you have put in.

    17. Concentration power can be enhanced by spending some time solving puzzles – I'm not joking nor think I'm being childish in saying that. You can solve Sudoku or set the Rubik's cubes. These would certainly help you to sharpen up your concentration power.

    There is no short cut to success. Always remember that the hard work you put in would pay you the results. Have faith in you and be positive. God helps those who help themselves. Go ahead and work out from heart and the world will be yours.

    All the best

    Rakesh Nair

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    Great tips Rakesh!

    You can also practice Andrew weil's breath exercises as a part of yoga. You can download them from internet. He is a doctor form Harvard who has done a lot of research in this area and promotes them around the world.

    You can also do what is called Jacobson's relaxation technique in which groups of muscles are contracted and relaxed alternately. It relieves you from anxiety.

    You can also practice some musical instrument (especially classical music )to enhance your concentration and
    relieve stress.

    Playing chess is also a lot helpful in improving your concentration power.



    'Complacency kills the progress,strive for the best..'
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    Ask expert section

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    What is concentration?

    Concentration is the brain power to converge all other diverge activities into a specific work which is especially important to students and researchers to accomplish more study works within a shorter period of time.

    What are reasons for poor concentration?

    • Diverged and scattered mind-set is the most common reason for poor concentration.
    • Lack of sincerity and self-responsibility to complete work within schedule time period.
    • Poor mental strength and alertness to finish assigned works.
    • Lack of interest to know new things.
    • Leaving habits to read and study.
    • Mental phobia to solve difficult problems.
    • Lack of self-motivation.
    • Not setting future goal in life.
    • Too much noisy environment.
    • Excessive physical and mental activities.
    • Poor physical health.

    How to improve concentration power?

    If you can identify your weakness responsible for lack of concentration it will be easy to find the solutions. However, here are some of the important tips to improve concentration power to build up your future career path and happy life style:

    • Meditation is one of the best daily exercise to improve concentration power. Through meditation you can converge your mind-set before starting your study and other important works.
    • Developing sincerity and self responsibility to accomplish work in time will be helpful to improve concentration power.
    • Avoid all scattered negative thinking and develop positive attitude to improve your concentration.
    • Creating interests to know more and more new things and ideas can improve mental concentration.
    • Regular reading and writing habits will help you to improve concentration power.
    • Motivation is one of the essential thing to improve concentration to study and work.
    • Studying and learning with clear understanding will enhance confidence to minimize phobia in any difficult subject or problems.
    • Setting future goal is important to create mental strength to improve memory concentration to accomplish more works.
    • Last but not the least eating and drinking healthy foods and regular physical exercise can keep you energetic physically and mentally improving work efficiency and mental concentration.

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