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    Fruits for glowing skin

    Which fruits are good for glowing skin? I have sensitive skin so which skin products are usefull for me?
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    Eating fruits and vegetables are very important for healthy and glowing skin because whatever goes inside the body, it reflects in your face.For glowing skin your diet should be rich with minerals and vitamins like A,C and E.
    Whatever fruit you eat you can use its pulp or skin to apply to your face.
    You can use fruits like:
    Papaya-Very good source of Vitamin A.It cleanses the skin and give a nice glow.
    Grapes-juice of grapes can be applied to the wrinkles under the eyes.
    Apple-whenever you eat apple do not discard its skin use it as a face pack it acts as a good cleanser.
    Pineapple,Oranges-rich source of vitamin C work as a cleanser and very good for nice glow.

    Use only those skin products which is best suited for sensitive skin and follow 3 step skin care routine-cleansing,toning and moisturizing.This routine helps you to get glowing skin.

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    Fruits play a very vital role for a person to be healthy. This are very helpful for proper working of metabolism activites of body. When it comes to keeping skin healthy,antioxident rich fruits are essential for a healthy and glowing skin.Fruits like strawberries,oranges,papaya,grapes,are rich in antioxidants and must be consumed for glowing skin.

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    There are so many fruits for glowing skin but I mention a few of those.
    Brazil nuts is a excellent fruit skin for skin, they contain selenium,zink, vitamin A and E.It also contain fatty acid that help to prevent dryness.
    Carrots is also good food for skin because they are high source of beta-caritine and vitamin C,that useful for skin collagen that help skin look young.
    Sunflower seeds provide a lot of vitamin E and essential fatty acid that help skin lubricated and soft.
    Salon and avocados is also good foe healthy skin that contain Omega-3 fatty acid.It keeps skin plump and youthful and prevent dry skin.
    Dairy product provide vitamin A is important for healthy
    Whole grain is also good for glowing skin that prevent peeling and cracking of skin.

    For sensitive skin I advice you to give skin professional opinion.

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    1.Apply tomato juice on your face and wash it after 15 minutes. This will make your skin glow.

    2.Do the same with Pappaya.

    3.Application of Curd and Pappaya mixture will give better results. Grind the mixture to semi liquid form by adding some water and apply.


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    Best Fruit For Glowing Skin

    All The Fruits are containing some of the vitamins

    Oranges are rich source of Vitamin C. It prevents constipation. They work as cleansers and improve the skin and supports the immune system.

    Pineapple juice is very rich in vitamin C. It also contains Vitamins A&B. Taken with honey it is effective for sore throat.It improve the skin and supports the immune system.

    Apples relieve constipation and reduces cholesterol and removes toxins. Apple pulp can be used as a face pack.It improve the skin and supports the immune system.

    Bananas contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. They are rich in potassium. It improve the skin and supports the immune system.

    Almonds are rich in vitamin E and is very good for the skin.

    Dried Apricots are rich source of iron and beta carotene. You can take it everyday for radiant looking skin.

    Juicing as a method of dieting can help you get all of the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables, even if you aren't a big vegetable lover. By juicing, you can pack more nutrients from different fruits or vegetables into one juice,

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    Skin care must be an essential part of your beauty regime and you should be very sincere about your skin care routine and follow some certain rules.For some special treatments you should go to a reputes beauty salon and have a facial and skin treatment.Moreover only super facial treatments cant make a skin glowing you also have to maintain a strict dietary routine.Living a stress free life is also important for healthy skin.

    Some tips for healthy skin:-

    1)Avoid junk food and try to eat green vegetables and fruits in plenty.
    2)Apply a sun screen or sun block lotion before going out.
    3)Remove your make up with a cleanser after returning home.
    4)Drink lots of fluids including fruit juice and water
    5)Go for natural remedies.

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    Fresh green leafy vegetables or fruits are good for all skin types. One need not go only for expensive exotic fruits to have a glowing skin. The direction is simple. In fact, as simple as finding your way around your nearest vegetable bazaar. You need not go to a vegetable Mela for that matter for the fruits suggested below.
    1. Orange
    2. Papaya
    3. Lemon or any other citrus fruit
    4. Mango
    5. Grapes
    6. Pineapple
    7. Amla (Gooseberry) and of course though falling under vegetable category, cucumber.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    Grapes and its juice It is very important for producing blood and circulation + glowing skin
    Apple - it is useful for vitamin and glowing skin
    Figs - Anjeer - it is helpful for blood circulation and its producing with glowing skin
    Orange - it is helpful for vitamin and glowing skin
    Dates - it is helpful for producing iron in our body, helps in blood circulation and producing blood with glowing skin

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    It is necessary to maintain balanced food with proper skin care. There are some skin friendly foods which reduces wrinkles of skin they are fruits,vegetables,fish and nuts .Drink one glass of juice daily and also take plenty of water. Take green tea every morning it helps to increase antioxidants which prevent aging of skin. olive oil,egg,tomato,apple,papaya,and milk products are good for the skin.

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    Each fruit has its own quality. You can use according to your need. You can use dry fruit s too for your skin.
    Green Apple:
    We all know apple is full of iron.It is a good skin cleanser and a very good face pack too. Apply its pulp on face remain it for 15 minutes. wash it with fresh water. you can feel change in your skin.

    Orange is home of vitamin C which is very useful for glowing can use orange shell as face pack.

    Take the pulp of papaya. Apply on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it with fresh water.

    Take apricot and make a paste of it. It is a good scrubber for skin. Which can help to remove dead skin and make face glow.

    Dip almond in water for night.remove the cover and then make a paste of it. Apply on your face for 10 to 15 minute.wash your face with fresh water.

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    Eating fruits is very important for healthy and glowing skin.For glowing skin your diet should be rich with minerals and vitamins like A,C and E.

    You can eat fruits like:
    Papaya-good source of Vitamin A.It cleanses the skin and give a nice glow.
    Grapes-reduces wrinkles.
    Apple-whenever you eat apple do not discard its skin use it as a face pack it acts as a good cleanser.
    Pineapple,Oranges-rich source of vitamin C work as a cleanser for glowing skin.
    Amla- Acts as blood purifier to help in reducing pimples to have a nice skin.
    Use skin products that suit your skin.

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    Hi Friends
    I am going to post tips that how different fruits can be used to get glowing skin.
    Sometimes people uses random fruits without considering their skin type and considering that some fruits can even harm your face if you do not take proper precautions.
    So here its is :
    When apply-Good as a cleanser, it cleanses the skin and give a nice glow. It gives your skin soft and supple feel.
    When Eat- It improves Blood circulation, Clears blood . Improves digestion.
    WARNING- when you apply papya keep a check on time . If you apply papaya more than an hour then it might cause some spots on your face.
    2. Orange
    When apply- Apply it pulp on your face, it will removes extra oil from your face and give a clean soft feel.
    By using it with some lemon juice and curd it will help to remove tanning.
    Its outer peel when dried and crused, then can be used as natural scrub.
    When eat- It contain Vitamin C which improves immune system and balances water level and keep your skin healthy.
    WARNING- Do not apply if you have any cut on your face, it will cause irritation.
    When apply- Can be used as scrub. Work wonders if you apply with some homebased cream(not for oily skin). It gives amazing fragnance and clean look as yes glowing look also.
    When eat- For sure if you eat apple daily your skin will look glowing, clear and healthy. It helps you to reduce wait. And keep you healthy.
    No WARNING ?
    4. Almonds
    When apply- Crushed them , add milk and make paste apply on face. For sure it will give you a glowing look. While applying scrub a little with some dry crushed almonds with little rose water.
    When eat- All moms give their kids to make their mind sharp ?. Eat 2 almonds with milk daily.
    WARNING- If you notice some spots or feel irritation do not use this recipie. Its not suitable for all skin types.
    Thanks .hope it helps you

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    Papaya-> its good for fat cells burning
    Sweet lime->Good for blood purification
    Promgranate->its good for blood circlation
    if blood is pure obviously skin health will be good & skin will glow

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    All kind of fruit are good for your skin and a proper fruit meal can actually make you glow and here are somme tips:-

    1.Start your day with a fruit. Apple is more preferred.

    2.All kinds of citrus fruit adds glow to your skin.

    3.A mixed juice of tomato,carrot and apple works wonder for the skin.

    4.Beat improves your blood condition hence makes you glow.

    5.lemon water cleanses your body an makes your skin glow.

    Have two to three meals of fruits in a day but remember always take fruit in empty stomach or else fruit acts like a poison to your body when you take it after your food.

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    Few of the fruits mentioned below are really good for a glowing skin:
    1. Avacado
    2. Banana - it freshens the skin
    3. Orange
    4. Papaya
    5. Water melon rind - It really give a good glow to skin
    6. Apple

    The best thing for a glowing skin is to drink lots of water, and consuming fruits and vegetable, and good exercise, exfoliate dead skin, a good facial.

    A good diet and good work outs gives skin good glow and no need to apply costly creams.

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    A clear, glowing skin is every woman (or even every man's) dream. There are many natural therapies or remedies to get a clear glow, but fruits(both when applied or eaten) have been seen to radiate skin. Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and amla are a boon to skin. Vitamin C present in them is responsible for collagen fibre synthesis. Thus the daily intake of citrus helps to rejuvenate skin and lessen wrinkles, thus leading to a youthful glow. Lemon juice and amlas also act as a stomach cleanser and help in digestion. When applied externally lemon juice lightens and cleanses skin, while orange peel extracts radiate skin. Papayas are rich in Vitamin A and fresh papaya pieces when applied to skin bleaches skin. Tomatoes are ideal for tan removal and bananas are also good in blemish treatment. Pomegranate and apple are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals and ensure a healthy skin.

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