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    Importance of mantras in life.

    Do chanting mantras really make changes in our life? What is the science behind it?
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    Chanting mantras or its equivalent in any religious belief does not make changes in life. What changes happen in life is directly proportional to how much one wants change in life, and how much one puts forth the effort to make changes in as many aspects as possible - mindsets, habits, physical surroundings, frienships, etc.
    Quoting scripture helps only to a certain extent, in my life I found to a short extent, but having the confidence/belief determination does make changes possible.
    One cannot think that he will become a player like Tendulkar by just quoting to himself some statements repeatedly - he has to go and slog it out in extra practice and play the matches he needs to to get the feel for the challenge and try to emulate the great player.
    This can apply in any goal we want to achieve.
    Our time of life on earth is invariably accompanied by hardships, and that is what life is, troubles are very much part of life. We can have faith in God to pull us through, we can pray, we can do whatever we think will do the trick, but we will need to face it at sometime or another.
    One need not to feel bad about challenges in life. It is not a despicable thing to have problems. You can think and put yourself in his shoes, in any person you think has no problems, really try it and you will find he has his problems different from yours, but it is there, and it is a big thing for him, whether it is hidden from others or not.
    We can learn from scriptures about others' experiences, we can quote to ourselves mantras, scriptures, songs, whatever, to remind us to keep on the track to reach for our goals. These can calm our nerves. They can help us relax a bit. But the ultimate 'ooomph' comes from us and our decisions. It doesn't come any 'props' we may use.
    Exceptions are there, when there is definite Divine intervention. But generally the bottom line is from what we do with what we have. It is always possible.

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    If chanting mantra could change the life than it would be very easy to make changes in life and there will be no worries all around us. According to me chanting mantra could not do directly anything to solve your problem but it could make you mentally more strong and optimistic, with a positive attitude towards the situation. This is only a way to pray to god to help us and show our faith in him. From astrological point of view there are four type of signs and those having airy signs could benefit more by chanting mantras. so have faith in god and positive attitude towards all problems in life, this is the only way to solve your problems. good luck.

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    Chanting sanskrit mantras is really meaningful. As we all know air contains the elements of sound nature also responds to sounds.Every religion has mantras and our ancient saints and gurus who were exponents of knowledge, formulated these mantras.Different types of sounds have different types of impact on humans, animals, birds etc. Modern science has proved this.
    The atmosphere is full of energies. mantras always replace negative energy. Even western world have accepted our meditation and yoga. When we meditate chanting a manthra silently, it makes us calm and concentrated.
    Music therapy is a latest development in medical treatments. Here also they make use of the changes that can be made through the melodious sound.
    Recently, there was a news report that hospitals in California play our upanishad mantras throught the day on the finding that it makes patients better and cures quickly.
    It is unfortunate to see that we Indians do not understand the value of our culture and the precious mantras etc. It is the foreigners to research, understand and make use of all those things.

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    chanting mantras as a habit makes man to set aside some time of the day for religion and it keeps his whole day mental balance cool.

    The person feels better, to start his day's work after chanting mantras everyday during the early hours of sunrise.

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    Yes, chanting mantras really make change in our life. Mantras are related to particular Devata (different name of God). When chanting of particular Mantras crosses particular level, that Devata bless us. Due to his/her bless we become happy.
    If we have particular aim, then we have to work hard for our success. Only chanting Mantras is not good. Chanting Mantras will give boost for our success.
    There are many Mantras for Different Devata (different name of God). Example - Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh etc.
    For good effect of Mantras, we have to believe on that particular Devata.

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    Yes, chanting of mantras make impact on our life. It gives inner piece very much effectively. Chanting of mantras recognizes our inner feeling of heart over a period of time. It gives us a satisfaction of life, life gets prosperity, feels real beauty. On the whole, it should be our belief to feel the impact, anything which is seen as doubt then it would not effect in a desirable manner.

    Everything can not be logical or based on science. We can't co-relate all the things which are related to God. Sometimes we need not find the logic of things. We should accept them without seeking logic.

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    Hello Friend!
    I'm definitely sure that the chanting mantras really effect in our life.Mantras are powerful sounds.

    Mantras have fire like energy which can bring a positive and beneficial result, or it can produce an energy meltdown when misused or practiced without some guidance.

    Mantras appear really powerful when this sound effect reaches the mind and the surroundings.

    The effects of mantras is only depend on the solid concentration of mind, without this no one mantras effects in anything.


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    Remembering a thing is in our daily practice. But in the running life of present days,we found notime to think or thank God, who gave this rarest Human Birth among our 84 lacs of birth cycle. To facilitate ourself we have been made practice of chanting some manthras atleast for sometime in a day to think or thank the God. This is just for remembering the God. If we stubborn ourselves not to do this also, this is nothing but we pave our own fate to bad destiny.

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    Dear Meera,

    Mantras form the base of our culture and religion, whatever basic values we have today like one man should not kill another, fraud is bad etc all have their foundation embedded in Mantras. Now if we keep chanting these mantras obviously some part of it will get into our character which will enrich us as a human being. it is very important that we try and understand the meaning of the mantras we chant else there wont be any difference between chanting a mantra and singing a Hebrew song.

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    Mantras have great power if we know all this in right way and right use otherwise its also harm us.

    So with out proper guidance do not try any mantra try to find right teacher to use mantra.

    I have seen one case who die himself on misuse of mantras.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Chanting mantras can make a difference, a question which has only two answers yes or no. it is unlike the variety of people available in this world, good and bad, rather positive and negative. Some are affirmative about the usage of mantras and some are negative.
    The reality has logic behind. We chant the mantras in Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, etc but the most important thing is to understand the meaning of what we are chanting, not just cramming and reproducing as a parrot.
    Chanting mantras is something devotional and has the involvement of brain and the soul. Unless the two are involved no miracle will happen. Efforts in life are must as all the religious scriptures say, 'Work is worship'. Lord Krishna said, "Karam karo phal ki chinta mat karo," meaning "Perform your duty with generosity and forget what will be the outcome of that particular duty".
    The chanting of mantras heals the person as Reiki does where you see nothing but the healing is done.
    Chanting mantras without knowing the meaning is groping in the dark with a silent candle. First learn the meaning of the mantra then start chanting, to see the real effect of them in and around you.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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