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    Difference between circuit switching and packet switching?

    What is the difference between CIRCUIT switching and PACKET switching??
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    Circuit Switching
    1.Circuit switching is old and expensive.
    2.It implies the communication taking place over a fixed dedicated line called (channel) for whole message.

    Packet Switching
    1.It is inexpensive

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    Circuit switching concept is used in Telephony networks where a dedicated line is assigned to particular connection, the connection in this case is permanent during the connection.Considerable amount of bandwidth is wasted in this process and at a time only one way communication is possible. Whereas in case of packet switching packet are send on different path based on the address(Virtual or IP or MAC).Packet switching is more flexible as well as two communication of packets is possible. Packet switching is less reliable than circuit switching as in second case connection is fixed during operation.

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    Circuit Switching:

    1.) In circuit switching, there are various nodes used in the network through which the signals are passed from one system to another.
    2.) In this a number of nodes are available between two devices and hence multiple paths are available to pass a signal.
    3.) This concept is mainly used in telephony systems.
    4.) This is best used for transmission of audio signals and not suitable for data transmission.
    5.) This type of switching is connection oriented and may be connectionless also.
    6.) Due to its old version, this technique is less popular and more expensive.

    Packet Switching:

    1.) In packet switching, the data is sent over the network in the form of packets i.e. a large unit of data items wrapped into a single bigger unit.
    2.)In these, the packets follows the same path that is defined for them before passing into the network.
    3.) It can be used for telephony, DSL services and other data transmission services.
    4.) It is best used for sending data over the network and audio and video signals can also be sent over the network in the form of packets.
    5.) It is usually a connection less service.
    6.) It is a new technology and economic than the circuit switching approach.

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    I am going to explain every possible difference between circuit switching and pocket switching on the basis of my knowledge.So here are the following point which i found relevant
    (1)In case of circuit switching a path is needed for the resource to provide the communication to main system(end part) for certain reserved time which is not needed in case pocket switching.
    (2)Circuit switching is an old era method of communication and it is also expensive.In case of pocket switching we overcome on these problem.
    (3)Circuit switching is more reliable then that of pocket switching.Its because reservation between system from start to end.
    (4)In case of circuit switching we need the circuit but pocket switching can send the data without any wire.

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    In circuit switching a session needs to be established between the PC's for communication which is not in the case of packet based switching, where different packets may take different routes to reach the destination and will be assembled to get the original message.

    Circuit switching is used in Telephone networks where as packet switching is used in TCP/ IP and the internet.

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