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    CBZ Xtreme or Pulsar 150 cc

    Which bike is best?
    Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme or Pulsar 150 cc?
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    Both the bikes are good and powerful. but considering the initial pickup then pulsar seems to be good and in terms of mileage cbz xtreme is the good one. considering the styling the pulsar looks like a pretty mean machine whereas cbz xtreme looks a bike of soft yet aggressive style. According to the riding position cbz xtreme is good. Considering the rear shocks the pulsar has got fluid filled shocks where as the cbz xtreme has got normal karizma like shocks.
    It depends on you which bike you are comfortable with. Also checkout the service support of the companies in your near vicinity. See to that the bike you have chosen is fuel efficient
    otherwise it is waste to buy a motorcycle which drinks up more petrol with less mileage. In my opinion the cbz xtreme is the good one. Consider buying it or set yourself to 135cc segment bikes such as discover 135 , it give good mileage. Save fuel for a brighter future.


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    Hi Suhail,
    Thanks for the detailed differentiation between the two bikes. Yes, I do agree that CBZ Xtreme is a good bet. The elevated pillion seat is what I like the most.

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    Hi Bru,

    Hero Honda CBZ extreme is better option than Bajaj Pulsar, with same power, better look, better mileage, better service and over all life and also resell value.

    I myself own CBZ extreme and quite happy with its performance.


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    Thanks & Regards,
    Vivek Singh

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    Both bikes are good, If you need bickup and look, you can go CBZ. Only one fault in pulsar, It have dangerous in Tank position, Some times we push air break in difficult time on road. Our body bottom is going to touch petrol tank.

    So somebody not like pulsar bike, Otherwise both are good bike to safe drive on the road

    (All Powers are within U)

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    Hey if you are looking for long run go with CBZ
    If you want to enjoy initial performance like 2 to 3 years go with Pulsar
    The tank position is adjusted in Plusher so no problem with that and you really enjoy the pickup when you overtaking and mileage is same as CBZ
    But the only problem with pulsar is if you want to burn the road it holds good for 30 to 40000KM and then there is more chance of engine come to bore and you need to spend lot of money and no resell value will be there

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    CBZ extreme would be a wise choice over pulsar

    1. Pulsar has become quite common thus wont septate you from the crowd.
    2. The mileage extreme offers is far better than what pulsar will offer you
    3. The price of both the bikes is almost same but the resale value which you ll get of CBZ extreme would be much more than Pulsar.

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