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    What is the full form of LL.B.?

    I want to know the full form of LL.B. and LL.M. which are said to be the graduation and post-graduation degrees awarded to the Law students in India. Is there any difference between B.L. and LL.B.? Also Please specify the difference between M.L. and LL.M.
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    LLB and LLM are derived from Latin word, Legum Baccalauereus and Legum Magister respectively.

    In English these are Bachelor in Law and Master in Law.

    B.L. and M.L. used in American countries whereas LLB and LLM are used in European countries. There is no difference between in these two verbs.

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    In Latin "lex' means specific law. The plural of lex is 'legum'.
    Similarly, in Latin the abbreviation of a plural is done by repeating the letter. Hence it is LL.
    L.LB is bachelor of laws and L.LM is master of laws.

    B.L and L.LB are the same .But it is only a differnce in the name of the course. I think in Chennai it is B.L. So also M.L and L.LM

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    LLB is derived from a Latin word "Legum Baccalauerues" in which "Legum" means law. Traditionally, in India either BL or LLB was awarded. Both of them were treated as equal, that is "Bachelors of Law". However, now the Bar Council of India awards BA LLB for 5-year undergraduate law course and LLB for 3-year graduate law course with the abbreviation of the previous course completed by the students, for example if completed, then LLB, B.Sc, then B.Sc LLB etc. Both of these 3-year and 5-year law courses are approved by the Bar Council of India as a primary requirement to practice law in India.

    Again similarly both ML and LLM are the same. Both stand for "Masters of Law". This word is derived from a Latin term "Legum Magister".



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    bachelor of legislative law

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    LL.B. stands for Bachelor of Laws and Legislature. LL.M. stands for Master of Laws and Legislature
    LL.B. and B.L. are same.
    Similarly, LL.M. M.L. are same.

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