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    What is Contra entry?

    What is Contra entry ?
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    In the Double Entry BookKeeping, entries made for same type of operations are called "contra Entry".
    For example,
    When we draw cash from bank, there are entries to be made for both bank and cash coloumn of the cash book. We debit the cash book for receiving the cash and crediting the bank account for reduction of cash due to withdrawal. This is called 'contra entry.

    Similar example is depositing cash into our bank account

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    In Double Column Cash Book, when a transaction must be entered in bh sides of the Book in different amount columns, then the Ledger Folio (LF) is entered as 'C' for Contra Entry.

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    Hello Friend,
    In the Book-keeping, cash transactions can be recorded in one of the type of cash book, called as 'three column cash book'. In this type of cash book, the credit entry and debit entry of both cash transactions and bank transactions are recorded.

    Contra entry is related to Bank transactions. It can be recorded in two situations:
    1. When cash deposited in bank:
    2. When cash withdrawn from bank:

    For the first transaction, entry in cash book would be:
    Bank A/c dr.
    To Cash A/c

    For the second transaction, entry would be:
    Cash A/c dr.
    To Bank A/c

    In these two situations, one amount is debited in bank column and the other amount is credited in cash column and vice-versa.

    And the word 'C' is entered in Ledger Folio (LF) column for Contra Entry.

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    In a double column or a triple column cash book, a contra entry is such a transaction which affects both, the debit and credit, sides of the cash book. For example when we draw cash from bank for business purpose, the entry would be passed as such:
    Cash A/C Dr. xxxx
    To Bank A/C xxxx

    This is a contra entry. Here cash book is debited as well as credited. The net effect is zero. Cash balance increases and bank balance decreases. The letter 'C' is entered in the L/F (ledger folio) column.

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    The transaction that effect both cash and bank account under double entry system is called contra entry.

    1) Cash withdraw from bank affect both cash and bank account (cash balance increase and bank balance decrease).

    2) Cash deposit into bank affect both cash and bank account (bank balance increase and cash balance decrease).

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