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    Should i drop a year for preparing for IITJEE?

    Should i drop a year after 12th for preparing for IIT JEE and AIEEE in case I do not make it this year? What are its pros and cons?
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    PROS are that you will be placed in reputed college and will also have time to plan your career based upon your field of interest.
    A break in your academic life will a question in your entire life for which you should be well prepared to answer.

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    its a great question which is in everyone mind when he/she wont be able to make IIT at appearing.I am going to discuss both part (merit/demerit)of this Confucius condition.

    (1)If you are able to make IIT in second chance then one year gap does not matter.There are lot of company which comes for campus in iit who does not look for the year gap.
    (2)If you can make IIT after taking a year gap then you will be in the best college of our country.It means a lot for anyone career from where he/she getting the degree. In most of reputed company wanted to recruit only certain(top) college student.
    (3)Great education Quality , Best career and a lot.
    (1)If you wont able to make IIT in second chance then there is possibility you are going to missed the chances to get the admission in good colleges which you have in first chance.
    (2)If you have good college in your hand at the first chance I mean without career gap then those colleges can give you a great career.
    (3)according to me don't waste your time for just being with IIT.there are number of company who don't want career gap because it matter a lot for them it shows your failure.So go for the colleges which is in your account at the time of appearing there are number of engineering where you can get the same thing like IIT now a days.
    Decide by yourself that how much you can achieve.

    Nobody can understand you better then yourself.

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    One thing that I would like to tell you is that if you have talent, the place where you study does not matter a lot. Even if you do not get a good rank in IIT or AIEEE, you can try for your state board Engineering entrance exam. Even if you spend a year preparing again, there is no assurance that you will get selected. Simply don't waste your time.

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    Dear Sidhartha,

    The idea of taking a drop appeals to a lot of people as the initial passion really charges you up but if you are not able to carry it through then you might end up losing interest which can make you lose a whole year. Try and introspect to find out whether you ll be to be do that. Keep one thing in mind that when it comes to the preparation of the competitive exams its not just about finishing your course but its about getting an expertise in everything you study which will require you to practice every sum every equation and every derivation number of times which can get very monotonous. As a person if you have a lot of patience and endurance then don't hesitate in taking a drop otherwise just drop the idea.

    Best of Luck

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    Hello sidhartha,
    As Chanakya has said, when we start some work, we should not be afraid of failure and should not abandon it. Those who work sincerely are the happiest people on Earth.

    So if you have started preparing for IIT just try it with full enthusiasm and go for a drop of year.
    And one more thing donot think that year would be a waste year it would be one of the most precious year if you get selected.
    I tell you a true event with one of my friend, he met an IAS officer and ask him whether he tried for one more attempt for IAS exam or not then he said "That was the best time of my life and i am happy when i recall that time".
    That same case would be with you.
    So just go for a drop of year and give your best.

    Best of luck.

    Naveen Aggarwal

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    One year in not a waste of time if you are seriously preparing for IIT. Once selected in these institute, you will get better guidance,better teachers, better resources, better recruiters all at the minimal cost.
    Above all, wherever you go, your work will always be complemented by the brand name (IIT) which you will always carry with you.
    So, giving one year for IIT preparation ( provided you are serious about it), is worth.

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    If you are very sure that if you can't make up this year, and you can definitely make up next year, its no harm dropping a year.

    And only if you are sure enough that you will definitely get in any of the IIt's next year, then you should definitely drop a year.


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    Do you know how many students pass class 12 a year?
    In that how many are Engineering students?
    So in IIT JEE and AIEEE even a single rank difference matters a lot. And by dropping one year you are letting those and number of Engineering students to stand at a rank above you without even letting yourself compete with them.
    Nothing is Impossible.
    Impossible itself says I M Possible, so just work hard and have determined Focus and leave no stone unturned, just do it!

    Kanishka Jain

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    Dear siddhartha,
    As an coaching professional, i must say, "sure , take the drop u will definitely get selected."
    But,as a mentor or a true friend , i will say that
    First of all ask following questions to your self.

    what is that which i will do next year but can't do this year?
    (don't tell me CBSE exam pressure,most top rankers get selected with 12th)

    Do you have that much of determination and can say "I will be Selected with a good rank and no one can stop me."
    (if you are among those persons who think, even if i not get selected at least i will get a better private college, than take that college this year,you are not going to be selected}

    Can you afford it financially?
    (if you are planning to move to kota or delhi, be ready to spend more than one lacs)

    What is your preparation level right now ? i mean how close you find your self to IIT-JEE.

    look, taking a drop or not should not be influenced by what others are doing.

    By reading above answers given by other experts , you understand pros and cons.

    Now its your turn , take a firm decision and keep in mind you never had 1 or 2 yrs, you have 365 days and this count is decreasing very rapidly.

    at last i will say " if you think you can, you will"

    best of luck


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    Remember that every successful man need not to be an IITian. If ,unfortunately, you will not get selected in IIT, try for good ranking in AIEEE that is more important.Also if you got selected in the extended list you can join many good colleges and research centers.I think the best would be the Indian Institute Of Science Education and Researh (IISER).
    Best Of Luck for your golden future.

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    Hi .I like your question.see basically if you are not getting a seat in good Engeneering college you can spend one more year and work hard and get a seat in a college of your choice,but secondly one year is not a short period and what can happen is that parents say that to do this work and that work as you have one year time and if you see any of your friends going to college ,you be start feeling inside your heart that if I Would have taken admission in any college then I would also have been going with him,but time allowes only once to take a right decision,so think twice that if you can handle all these negative aspects then go for one more year other wise join in an Engeneering college where ever you get a seat.

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