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    Items girls in Indian cinema

    How these items girls in indian cinema, affect the poor girls in india?
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    I don't know how u got this Question but I Appreciate this question a Lot!

    Since a Long time I have been witnessing some severe problematic issues such as forced prostitution, forced begging, and many more.

    I would like to answer your question with a Rotten Example.

    Suppose if a person is drunk and is on hut were he is watching this "Item Song" and sudnley starts looking at a poor girl who is doing something on the other side. this person would just go to her with a lusty Eye and can do a lot of real bad things which are really very very bad for a poor kid!..

    not only this there are otherwise also but its a very good question with a very Deeep answer to be given

    Hope i gave a small example



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    This is very thinkable question about Indian poor girls, I'm really agree of this term that item girls in Indian cinema is really effected to the poor Indian girls.
    Because India is a known in the world by their culture. Items girls in India has cross the our culture.
    I think that the government of India should have been think about this question.

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    In Indian Cinema we know only the Heroine and the supporting actresses. There are numerous girls who take part in group dance sequences and to make a crowd in the films. These girls are not well paid. They are paid daily wages which is not sufficient to meet their day to day requirement. Therefore they get involved in illegal businesses like prostitution and all other sex related issues. Poverty driven girls, having no way to earn their livelihood get lured in to this business. Such girls who are more beautiful than a heroine or a supporting actress and have no opportunity to rise in the cinema field are called item girls . They never hesitate to perform anything what the producer or director demands just to make their livelihood better. Hope my statement is correct.
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    hey wat a question sir ji............

    i can say this thought is very different, as ofcourse this affect girls but in large amount.
    we can say that this girls are also born from that group of poor girls only.

    items girl we can say is an inovative idea for the girls to do something or reach somewhere.
    but this true bcoz of items girl the characteristics of girls are changed that is people are treating girls badly.

    this can be negative point but according to me they dint affect as items girls are born from those girls only.

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    A girl is a girl, being in any business or job, the word given to dancer that appear in a dance number, 'Item girl' does not seem to be good, a girl can not be an item.

    In my view, these types of songs should be banned, because almost vulger scenes, dance steps, lyrics are chosen in these songs to make them popular.

    Discussion about these popular 'item' songs, pulicity news etc make such an environment that not only poor, but other teenage and college going girls somehow affected.
    If such songs become popular and given mass publicity, the inner and wild faculties of human brain may take liberty to think as if these kind of expressions are allowde in public.

    Use of mass media of bradcasting or spreading any information system, whether it is movies, television, intenet, news papers must be handled very carefully and strong supervision is absolutely necesary to keep a watch of what quality information is being spread amongst public through these systems.

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    This is a very good question because poor girls when see item girls in item songs, their dresses and way of dance, they also want to look like them and by this they do wrong things for getting rich.

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    The concept of item girl is came in hindi movies in somewhere 1998-2000. Earlier also hindi cinema was showing such a beautiful actress like Bindu, Aruna Irani, Jayashri T which was equivalent to this concept. But yes they were famous as actress only and not as an item girl.

    If we talk about todays date,there are many actress are there in industry which are just doing single song and get fame and name.
    Few major item girls are Rakhi Sawant,Payal Rohatgi,Sambhavna Seth.No Doubt that these girls have excellent dancing skills.

    Presence of these girls is very limited in movie. Just for one or two song in movie. And if we talk about their future, we cant say its bright. The best example of this is Rakhi Sawant. She started her career as an item girl. She did some movies. But her role was negligible. Now a days more than her dancing or acting skills she badly famous for some other activities.

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