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    What kind of food should be eaten to stop greyness of hairs?

    I am 16 year old and my hairs are greying. Kindly suggest me what type of nutrition I should prefer?
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    Eating coconut products like and coconut water and other as well as coconut oil is a very good option !

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    There can be many reasons for premature greying.This might be hereditary or for reasons like poor diet,depression,stress or any underlying medical conditions.In order to begin treatment for premature greying of hair, it is advisable to first visit a skin specialist andexamine the causes of premature grey hair.
    some precautions to lessen pregreying:-
    1.Eating balanced food rich in vitamins and minerals is the first step towards avoiding premature greying of hair.
    2.Foods to avoid,are excessive meat, dairy, and salt
    3.The consumption of an unhealthy diet is one of the most common premature grey hair causes. Oily and fried foods, alcohol, coffee and tea when consumed in excess can bring about premature grey hair
    4.another reason is if your body is acidic you will tend to have premature greying,so to increase the alkalinity drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables.
    Home remedies:-
    1.Eat raw amla,drink amla juice,make a hair pack of amla and use it twice a make amla pack boil 7 to 8 amle for few mins then crush it and use directly on your hair leave it for 1 hour and then wash it thouroughly.
    2.Use home made coconut oil not the ones sold in market which contains a lot of chemicals.
    3.Eat curry leaves.It works wonder for pregreying.
    Rub ur nails against each other for about 20 mins daily.continue this for 6 months.It reverse the greying process.

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