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    What do you mean by software Testing?

    Give me some details about Software Testing.
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    Software testing

    Software testing is the process of finding the error in the given code and removing them.

      There are following types of software testing:-
    • Unit Testing:-In this testing we take the smallest unit of software and test that code and find error.
    • Integration testing:-This is the process of testing in which tester test the interfaces of the system. There are many types of Integration testing:-

      • Big Bang
      • Top Down
      • Bottom Up Approach
      • Mixed Approach

    • Acceptance testing:-Accept testing is done by the customer.
    • Regression Testing:-Regression Testing is the done to test that the modification has not affect the system performance.


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    Software testing is the process which takes place after the development of the software.It is the process of getting errors in the software.It is mainly the process in which we have to test all the skills and conditions on which our software must work.It is new field is software.It is easy to understand.It has much job offer than software development.If a company has 20 programmers then it should have 40 testers.

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    Software testing is an activity in the process of developing software. As the name explains Software Testing is nothing but testing software for its reliability. It is none other than debugging. It is the process of checking software for quality assurance, verification and validation or reliability estimation. The software testing is a complex process in developing software. It is costly too. So it is better to go for automation to reduce the cost and time.

    Though there are plenty of methods are there for software testing and more programmers & testers available, still the testing process is an art, according to the experts. This is because of lack in understanding the concept and the principle of the software. Software testing skill presents not only in finding the bugs but also to know to fix it. Then a person can be a complete tester. Simply spotting a mistake can be done by anyone. But most of the time due to the time constrain the testing process will be stopped intermediate once it confirms that the reliability of the software meets the requirement.

    Though in the past 2 decades there were more testing tools have been introduced along with many new technologies for testing software, there are less differences were found in all those technologies. So it is declared that a good testing method involves the tester's creativity, experience and intuition, with the usage of proper techniques, because 50 percent of the time is spending for testing software in the process of developing it.

    Mostly the software testing is done to improve the quality, for verification & validation and for reliability estimation. Correctness testing and reliability testing are the two major areas in software testing. Correctness testing is the easiest one, which will be just used to check whether the software is giving a correct output or not. It does not require a tester know about the software in deep like the data flow, control flow etc. So either white-box testing or black-box testing point of view can be taken for testing.
    Reliability testing is little bit difficult one. It is clear opposite to the correctness testing. It is to give the detail report of failure free operation of the software. Normally stress testing will be used to test the software for beyond some certain limits.

    Many companies prefer Automation in testing in the process of cutting down the cost and time getting involved in testing.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Hello Darshan,

    Whenever a company launches a software, it check it whether the software is working correct or not, for this purpose testing is done.

    I have written a complete article on this topic, you can get some information about Software Testing. Go to this link:

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    Software testing is the process of finding the error in the given code, removing them and make the software as per the user requirement.

    There are basically two type of software testing:-
    Manual testing
    Automation testing is done with the help of testing tool.

    •Unit Testing:-Smallest unit of software is tested.

    •Integration testing:-The interfaces of the system are tested.

    •Acceptance testing:-Accept testing is done by the customer.

    •Regression Testing:-Regression Testing is the done to test that modification has not affect the system performance.

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    Someone said
    "Every program does something right;it just may not be the thing we want it to do"

    Testing may oe following patterns
    1.Pair testing
    2.Sperate testing interface
    3.Scenario testing

    there are software testing fundamentals.
    Software may be tested to uncover as many errors as possible before delivery to your customer.
    1.Exercise the internal logicand interfaces of every software component,and
    2.Exercise the input and output domains of the program function,behaviur,and performance.
    there are many testing methods like black box,white box,basis path testing,control structure testing.
    There are many other points if you want to read deeply then go for the book of software engineering by Roger S Pressman.

    Komal Suryavanshi
    "A try can make you win."

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    Hi Darshan Dave,

    Software Testing is a process of testing the software reliability and correctness of the software. Software developed by any developer must be error free and can run on any situation that previously decided.

    Consider a real life example suppose one ticket booking software is developed and its must be test that it can run properly when any numbers of user login at a time in that software.

    Software Tester makes the testing of software and they work is to force the software to break down if they do so then the software required to modify.

    There are basically two types of testing mechanism:

    1. White Box Testing and
    2. Block Box Testing.

    Kothari Keval D

    Kothari Keval
    "Sharing Knowledge Is My Aim"

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    Hello Darshan Dev!
    When the software developer develop a software in their laboratory than must need to testing of that software.
    Software testing is a method to know that actually software which has develop is ready to use for user. In this process the developed software verify by the developer.
    There are the some process to develop software:
    * Programming

    * Testing

    * Debugging

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    Hello friend testing make sure whether product meet predefined goals
    and testing can be done either manually by tester or aumatically by system while running application so to avoid major losses the bugs in the software should be removed

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    Dear Darshan,

    Software testing May be defined as the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors. We test the program's responses to every possible inputs. It means we test for all valid and invalid inputs.

    Types of Software Testing :

    1. Acceptance Testing :done by the customer

    2. Alpha and Beta Testing :While alpha testing is done at devoloper's site beta testing is conducted by customers at their sites.

    3. Functional Testing(Black Box Testing)

    4. Structural Testing(White Box Testing)

    Levels of Testing :

    1. Unit Testing
    2. Integration Testing
    3. System Testing

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    Hello Friend,
    Software is just testing the software just programmed or prepared.
    It is a way of examining whether the software we just prepared is able to fulfill our need.
    For more detail please see Types and Basics of Software Testing .


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    Software testing is an important phase in SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle). It is performed immediate after the coding phase of any application or system software. It helps to check out the validation and verification of the software that either it is right in structure and market standards or not. There are a number of testing techniques for various types of softwares. These are:

    1. Acceptance Testing (To check, if the software is accepted by the customers and fulfills their needs)

    2. Alpha Testing (Software is tested by the developer team)

    3. Beta testing (Sotware is tested by its users)

    4. White Box Testing (Tester knows the working of the code)

    5. Black Box Testing (Tester only knows the inputs and corresponding outputs of the software)

    6. Unit Testing (testing each module of of the software package one by one)

    7. Integration Testing (testing of software modules and checking their dependencies)

    8. System Testing (Testing whole the software and determining its environmental conditions)

    9. Stress testing (Testing the software at extreme Conditions)

    10. Regression Testing (Testing of the software to fix bugs and errors)

    11. Top Down Testing (Testing from top of the code to its last statement)

    12. Bottom Up testing (Testing the software from its output to input)

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