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    Which sunscreen lotion to use?

    What is the best sunscreen lotion to protect my skin and body from the sunlight.Can you say the brand name if possible?
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    There are different varieties of sunsceen lotions available in the market. There are lotions that are primarily meant for sun protection. There are also creams and lotions that are meant for sun protection along with other uses, such as making skin fairer or spot removal.

    Vaseline Healthy White Sunscreen Lotion is good for making skin fairer as well as whitening the skin.

    Garnier Pure suncreens are heavy but very effective.

    Nutrogena has many different kinds of sunscreens available in lotions, creams and even sprays, the latter being very useful when staying in the sun for prolonged periods of time to avoid sunburns in specific spots on the skin where one may not have applied sunscreen evenly.

    My personal favorite is the aloe vera sunsceen lotion from Fabindia. It is natural and doesn't have many chemicals. It is light and is very convenient if one has oily skin.

    Whichever brand of sunscreen you chose, you must make sure that the SPF is at least 30. Also be sure to check that the particular product and brand suits your skin type.

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    1. Avon
    2. Suncros
    3. Lakme
    4. Nivea
    5. Vaseline healthy white
    6. Himalaya
    7. Neutrogena
    8. Herbal protective sunscreen lotion (himalaya)
    9. Sunscreen lotion with SPF 18 (Shalaks Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.)
    10. Loreal
    11. Oriflame
    12. Amway

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    If you really expose yourself to sun a lot more than usual, you must use suncreen with minimum 50 SPF.

    Or, use creams with Aloe Vera.

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    you can use Ranbaxy suncros lotion-spf 26 which contains octinoxate,avobenzone,oxybenzone and zinc oxide
    Best for acne affected skin and for sun protection

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    What is need for sunscreen?Don't use them.All of them contain chemicals which have aftereffect.It won't affect quickly.But when we get older it may disturb us with allergy.Best sunscreen is butter which is natural.Branted means allergic.Don't go behind all such foolish thinks.Their only aim profit.Not health or service.Be natural in all sense.
    Think before act.

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    Sunscreen lotions which contains SPF 15 or SPF 13 which protects from UV rays effectively.Also vitamin B3 should be contained in it.
    All sunscreen lotions are not harmful.

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    Hi Akshay ,

    Use of sunscreens has two purposes.
    1)skin balance moisture and own skin oils which can be lost through exposure to the sun's rays.

    2)Protect your skin from Ultra Violet Rays .

    There are Numbers of Sunsceen lotions ,sprays ,Gel and Creams are available in the market. But use only who suits your skin and must be have SPF 15 and Vitamin B3 which one protect your skin from Ultra Violet Rays .Natural sunscreen lotions and creams are best becasue they haven't any scientifect.
    1)Ayur , Boro Plus,Himalaya and Natureal Healthy White Sunscreen Lotion are best Sunscreen lotion .

    Chemical Based Sunscreen lotion are :-
    Nivea , Amway ,Lakmeand Loreal SunScreen Lotion ,creams and Setc are best sunscreen lotion availble in Market .

    Seema Mittal

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    The choice of cosmetic brands vary from individual to individual depending on their complexion and type of skin. But there are some general tips related to sun protection factor(SPF).

    1. Apply lotion with SPF-15 for your face and neck.

    2. Apply lotion with SPF-30 for your back, hands and legs.

    3. Apply lip balms with SPF-8 to make your lips free from cracks.

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    It is important to use sunscreen lotion while exposing to sunlight as the uv rays from sunlight damages our skin.

    You can select the sunscreen lotion with the help of a dermatologist according to the nature of the skin.Generally the lotion with SPF(sun protection factor) 15 and above can be used.

    Use sunscreen 3 times a day, Use sunscreen lotion 15 to 30 minuts before going mute side to get better results. But it is necessary to get light sunlight daily to produce vitamin D.
    according to melakme sunscreen lotion is very effective..

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    There are many lotions available in market but use the one which suits your skin. It depends upon you that which is best on your skin.

    1. If you have sensitive skin then look for all natural sunscreen then try "Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 60".

    2. If you're acne-prone then try for "Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen SPF 15 or 30".

    3. If you have oily skin, look for mineral oil-free sunscreen like "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 45".

    4. If you've got dry skin, look for creams or lotions with extra hydrating ingredients like glycerin and aloe. Try for "L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Futur-E SPF 15".

    Four easy ways to get away from suntan:
    Use broad-spectrum products
    Always put on 20 minutes before going outside.
    Use at least 2 ounces
    Reapply every 2 hours.



    Ranushree Caitali.

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    The choice of sunscreen lotion depend on your skin type.
    The main purpose of sunscreen is to protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and balance the skin moisture.

    There are Numbers of Sunsceen lotions available in the market. But use only who suits your skin and must be have SPF 15 to protect skin from UV Rays.
    Natural sunscreen lotions and creams are best becasue they haven't any side effect.
    1)Ayur , Boro Plus,Himalaya and Natural Healthy White Sunscreen Lotion.

    Chemical Based Sunscreen lotion are :-
    Nivea ,Lakme, Nutrogena and Loreal SunScreen Lotion.

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    U can use Lakme and Cornation.It is the best one that wil not harm your skin.

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    The natural way to get out of sun burn is apply multani mitti (with milk if you have dry skin or with rose water for oil skin) during night and wash it with luke warm water in the morning. This will help you to clear the skin and you will have a fresh look in the morning.

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    Sunscreen lotions are good to protect you from the UV rays and they thus protect your skin from becoming dark. It is good to apply lotion before leaving out in sun. Sunscreen generally have a SPF abbreviated on them that stands that Sun Protection Factor. This SPF depends on how much are you exposed to sun. If you have to expose constantly in sun for a greater period of time, you need to apply sunscreen of higher SPF like 30.

    I have used sunscreen lotions of Lotus, Ayur and Himalaya. All the three are good. I am not sure whether Ayur has SPF 30 lotion. Lotus is good for long time sun exposure. Himalaya has more of herbal products composition with very less chemicals.



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