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    How to remove negative thoughts?

    Please inform me how to remove negative thoughts ?
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    Having negative thoughts is a problem covering a wide terrain in psychology. A person having negetive thoughts may be suffering from borderline levels or even serious cases of depression, paranoia, dementia, anxiety or cognitive distortion. They may also just be experiencing these thoughts as a direct reaction to difficulties faced in daily life, without any deep psychological disturbance.

    There are many possible ways in which a person can avoid having negative thoughts. Some of these methods include:

    Meditation: This is more difficult than most people realize, but with ample effort, a person can not only learn to control their thoughts and get rid of negative thoughts, but also curb their anger, become more patient, increase concentration and also develop a happier state of mind, altogether.
    For those who find it difficult to concentrate during meditation at first, there is a method that can help one ease into the habit of it. One has to sit in a meditative stance (whichever kind suits the concerned person), close their eyes and breathe slowly. Then they must count each breath, concentrating on nothing but the count, for at least 50 counts.

    Diversion: Diverting ones attention towards things that give one a positive feeling is a very effective way to rid oneself of negative thoughts. Using one's free time for engaging in productive activities that gives one pleasure, would prevent one's mind from wandering. Thinking of something that would bring oneself happiness is an instant way to divert one's mind from negative thoughts.

    Practicing the Law of Attraction or Law of Expectation: The Law of Attraction is a theosophical theory, according to which a person will attracts whatever they focus their thoughts on. If one were to believe in this Law, one would automatically make a habit of not letting negative thoughts enter their mind and focus all of their mental energy on positive things that they would like to see be prominent in their lives. The Law of Expectation is a similar law, according to which a person attracts into their lives, whatever they strongly expect. There are a few similar laws, that even though not scientifically proven, can cause dramatic changes in peoples' lives by bringing in behavioral changes alone because of the change in mindset.

    Other than these methods, one should seek the help of a psychologist as many completely mentally stable people nowadays, suffer from mild depression and/or anxiety, and counseling from a psychologist helps their situations a lot. Also, in cases where depression or anxiety is not involved, counseling can help people acheive a new perspective on life and help them in improving themselves greatly.

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    Best thing to remove negative thoughts is analyzing yourself.

    This can be done by doing meditation. Sit in a calm place, close your eyes and centralize your thoughts. Try to be blank i.e. thoughtless. It is very difficult initially. But create only only positive thoughts. Meanwhile, the negative thoughts will also keep flashing which is not in your control. Let is go passed. You concentrate on the positive thoughts only.

    Try to live in present. By thinking about the past and future, you create negative thoughts. Understand , these thoughts will only bring fear in your life. You need to nip them off in the bud. Practice meditation everyday just thinking about good things; be positive and optimist.

    Whenever, you get negative thoughts, just take deep breath, close your eyes and center your thoughts on some prayers to overcome the negative thoughts.

    This way, you will be energized with positive vibes and get rid of your negative vibes.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    Negative thoughts comes when your energy is much more lower than your surroundings. Mind is the only weapon for human being which makes us strong and healthy. But sometimes our minds are eaten up by negative thoughts,which makes up feel lower in ourself and in front of others.
    But this is present,you are the only person who can only get rid of this,try to remember those days where you feel proud of yourself and taking that as your unstopable light you try to overcome everything.
    Start trying meditation,it has many rules but try things which gives you relaxed and you feel stronger.Minds and trhoughts are always interlinked to one another.

    Looking Forward

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    It can be hard to chip away the invisible walls that confines us in the form of negative thoughts. And the only way to get through this is by taking it one day at a time. Negative thoughts can be hard to be banished in an instant. However, with conscious practice and determination this menace that drags down not only the individual but those around him/her can be given the boot.
    Try thought stopping. This technique can be done whenever you feel an onslaught of detrimental thoughts. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Our good habits, standards and agenda and focusing on the same generate optimistic and constructive results desired by us. One needs to practice change, in one's habits over and over again; thoughts pattern included.
    Bad thoughts not only pull us down, but also prevent us from achieving our full potential and harmony. And watch out for pressures that drives you to act contrary to what you believe and is not consistent with what you desire.
    At the end of the day, note that, nobody can form winning habits for us. It is only we who can do the same, by our own efforts, capabilities and self discipline. You have to find ways to keep up by practice everyday. It is a constant battle to keep on challenging yourself. By this practice you can accomplish the very thing which earlier had appeared dreadful.
    Make a list of positive actions, and attitudes that you want to acquire as a part of your life. Then focus and practice. And lastly, as an ending note I would like to remind you that Attitude is Contagious. Carry one that's worth catching.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    These are the ways to remove negative thoughts:

    1.To remove negative thoughts,first of all think positive and do positive no matter how small it may be.Because doing small positive things,will result great one day.

    2.Follow this ,this works well.

    Write this 3 lines 10 times daily or whenever you feel negative.

    I can
    I will
    I must

    3.Do yoga as it is very good for healh and mind and surely it will increase the confidence and positive thoughts.

    4.Help someone whenever is possible.

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    Negative thoughts are nothing but you spend much time thinking about whats wrong in your life or the things you dont want.Negative thoughts attracts negative situation.
    Following are of the ways that can help you out to remove negative thoughts:

    1.Spend time with the people having positive thoughts,share you difficulties with them.Avoid negative people because negative people will increase your negative thoughts.

    2.Many of us thinks of tommorow instead of living with what you have today.So concentrate on today,in the moment you living right now.So that you cant be angry and frustrated today and expect things to improve tommorow.Focus on today,get satisfaction now .

    3.Negative thoughts are nothing but the negative vibration around us,which are because of thinking negative.Negative thoughts attracts more negative thoughts.So get away of the thoughts that are attracting negative vibe.Spend the time with the things that will make you feel happy like if you like watching t.v. Then watch some comedy programs,play funny games,solve puzzle so that negative thoughts will be slowly disappear from your mind.

    5.Depression,fear and failure are the reasons that gives rise to Negative thoughts for eg.if you girlfriend or boyfriend has dumped you,you keep yourself away from friend,dont expres your feelings to them,that is the reason you feel very lonely and neagtive thoughts gather.Instead of doing this spend time your friends in watching movies,trips.Dont think again and again about the past moments that you spent together.It will take few days to forget her or him but when you will express feelings to your friends it will be easier not you will feel there are so many people how care for you and will forget her or him very soon.

    6.Reading books those which are of good thoughts ,playing team games,hanging out with friends are the ways that will be helpful to remove the negative thoughts.

    Simple rule for Life "Live life Happily - Don't Quit,Strive for the Best"

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    there are many ways by which we can change our negative attitude to positive attitude.
    1. read best novels day by day go improve our skills and to change our attitude from negative to positive.
    2. watch out the stories of good and our brave leaders or so9me other inspiring persons.

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    Meditation is the best way to overcome depression and get rid of negative thoughts. It also helps to keep a healthy mind. However, there are other ways to overcome negative thoughts.

    Engage in a Hobby
    Just try to involve yourself in things that you enjoy doing. It could be collecting pictures or even stamp collection. One could also go out with a digital camera and click whatever he feels like photographing.

    Go out and play instead of staying home and lamenting on your negative thoughts and failures. Buy a football, call your friends and play football. It will definitely ease your mind and also help you to stay fit.

    Get hold of a good book and read it in leisure. You would be surprised how wonderful books are.

    Working in the garden with hand trovel and spade can do wonders for one's peace of mind and energy. The sight of the beautiful flowers and little insects in the garden can be a treat for the eyes.

    Treat Yourself with a Movie
    Ask your friends for movies that have inspired them and watch the movie by renting or borrowing the movie.

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    Negative thoughts are the one which enters very quickly in one's mind then positive thoughts. These thoughts totally disrupts and person and make that person suffer from many other diseases, problems etc.
    The main cause for a negative thought in your mind is lonliness. For eg. Women as housewife are mostly surrounded by negative thoughts.
    What we can do is we can make lots and lots of friends. Friends always provide you with positive energy and their presence will never let you feel negative or depressed. Otherwise, you will always remain in totally negative mind.


    Rock until you die

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    Negative thoughts happen to people who can easily get influenced by others.So such people should tune their mind and be in control of their own thoughts.By practicing alpha meditation and listening to positive affirmations,negative thoughts can be removed.I would suggest two things:
    Listen to alpha meditation
    Read the book named "secret"
    watch videos from you utube that visualise positive thoughts and pass positive vibrations.

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    Never think negative...Like the Aamir Khan film , whenever some crisi or problem is there repeat to self "All is Well"..

    If believing in God , keep faith in God and pray to Him with sincerity.

    On getting up every morning tell in a little loud voice that Today is going to be a Happy and successful Day.Best Wishes To Myself.I am going to be in control of my life". Before going to bed in night tell self that that was a nice day, and wish tomorrow is going to be a Good Day.Try to be positive to everybody around.They will reciprocate positively.

    Starting to practice may be difficult.But once it becomes habit, then, "All is well".

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    Think about all positive things which gives you pleasure. Remember positive attitude is most important to be successful. Everybody on earth has some or other negative point or aspect, so think what is with you and try to build up your success on that. Secondly, watching motivational movies of your like Lakshya can be of great help.

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