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    What is the difference between games and sports?

    What is the basic difference between sports and games?
    Is cricket a game or sport?
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    Game is an act which can be executed with the little body stress/work.Ex: Chess etc
    Sport is an act which consumes lot of energy to perform.
    Ex: Hockey, Volley Ball

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    Hi the simple difference between sports and games is that
    A sport requires 3 areas of playing firstly the sport must be competitive another one You must have an "objective" way to score and an beat the competitor and You must be able to hinder (impact) your opponent's ability to score!

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    "Game" is a narrow concept while "Sports" is a broader concept.

    Game includes taking part in a particular activity which gives entertainment and improves the physical skills of a person. Athletics(running, jumping and throwing), cricket, football, golf, all of these are games. Even "gili danda", a local Indian activity which provides entertainment is a game.

    Sports includes taking part in such activities which not only improves the physical skill of a person but also helps in maintaining one's health. Sports includes playing of various games, taking a healthy diet, and taking part in all such activities which improves the mental skills of a person besides improving his physique.

    All games are a part of sporting activities in the sense that it helps improve a person's physique, but Sports is not a part of games as Sports includes improving both physical and mental ability of a person.

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    Accordin to the Pocket Oxford Dictionary:
    A sport is a game or competitive activity, usually played outdoors and involving physical exertion. Example- Football, Racing, Hockey.
    Game is a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one with rules.

    So, I think that there is not much a difference between the two.

    According to the second part of your question, cricket is a sport.

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    Games are played by two players are four players and they can be played in the indoor. For example, Badminton. And they can be played by sitting also. For example, Chess.
    Sports can only played in the out door only. And they can be played by 20+ members. And they can be played up to hours. To be simple out door games are called as sports, but this may not be correct for all th times.

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