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    Medicine to cure acidity permanently

    Is there any medicine to cure acidity permanently?
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    Boil water with jeera and keep in seperate pot and use it regularly after food and even for regular drinking and then see the acidity will afraid to near you.

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    Thank you for the response.
    I have tried many medicines both english and Ayurvedic.But none could give me a permanent relief.
    Of course I will try this.

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    Acidity refers to the increased secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. HCl being acid can produce burning sensation in stomach and can cause breach in the lining of stomach called mucosa producing ulcer. This ulcer can bleed and can lead to many other complications.

    Drugs for treating ulcer aim at inhibiting the acid secretion at different levels of the mechanism. Some of the drugs are

    1)h2 blockers like rantadine
    2)proton pump inhibitors like pantoprozole
    3)antacids like sodium carbonate,magnesium hydroxide etc.

    Other drugs aim at healing the ulcer like sucralfate and bismuth salts.

    You have mentioned that you have gone through all common medicines, then you have an option called 'vagotomy'. It is the surgical removal of para sympathetic connection(vagus nerve) to the stomach.

    Do the following to avoid the problem.

    1)Avoid taking stress which is the major cause of acidity these days. You can practice yoga and other stress relaxing techniques

    2) Take food punctually at any cost. Try to modify your job if you are a shift worker.

    3) Take soft food. Avoid spicy food especially at night.

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    drugs to treat acidityare

    Here are some tips which will make you free from acidity
    1.drink plenty of water
    2.give time for chewing of food it will prevent entry of excessive gas into stomach
    3.strict timetable for food
    4.avoid smoking and alcohol
    5.fibre rich food is needed
    6.avoid fried and spicy foods
    7.avoid bending after meals
    8.avoid sleep immediately after dinner give atleast 2 hours
    9.regular exercise
    10. avoid pain killers

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    Acidity is a part of physical operation, it has to be limited in our physical, if exceeds then we have to consult with Doctors or Ayurvedic specialists to avoid it in the basic condition itself.

    There are many tablets / syrups available in the market for Acidity and it helps only temporary.

    The best way to avoid acidity is to reduce oil and spicy items which is normal in our country, also, Timing is very important for having foods, example, Breakfast should be taken around 8am, lunch should be taken around 12:30pm to 1:00pm and dinner should be taken around 7:30pm to 8:00pm.

    To avoid acidity one can use the below tips.

    * Digene or Gelusil chewing tablet can be used 3 to 4 tablets per day

    * Drink chilled/cold milk (not frozen) at night before 30 minutes to sleep

    * Do not use spicy or very spice items and much oily items

    * Please do some basic exercise

    * You can have Thums up or Pepsi soft drinks twice in a week to avoid acidity, said diet soft drinks can be used for sugar patient.

    * Walk as much as you can to avoid most of the health problems including acidity.

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    mix 2 teaspoons of honey with as much of water and drink early morning on empty stomach. Do this for about six months. Your acidity will vanish.

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    permanent cure of Acidity can be done as per some common home therapies:
    1. make a herbal tea of sandalwood (chandan) powder and use three times a day,
    2. make a herbal tea of coriander seeds powder and use three times a day,
    3. drink heavy amount of coconut water, daily morning in empty stomach,
    4. chew a piece of haritaki (harad) daily at the time of acidity or heartburn
    5. make a mix of coriander juice with buttermilk; drink 2 times a day

    Some important tips: Avoid fried, sweet, salty, spicy, alcohol, too hot foods, tea, coffee, garlic, onion, candies, cookies etc.

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    yogurt will give an quick remedy for acidity

    pomegranate peels can reduce hyperacidity (serve dried, powdered pomegranate peels twice or thrice a day)

    have pomegranate juice daily morning that reduce the wounds in stomach

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    Avoid the precipitating factors of acidity.Avoid stress,inadequate sleep,fried foods,fatty foods,tea,coffee,non vegetarian foodstuff,alcohol.

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