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    What is the salary of a Central Govt employee?

    Hi Friends,

    Recently,i got a letter from one of the central govt department in India to appear for the intreveiw.The salary mentioned is Rs( 5240-20000) + Grade Pay of Rs 2000 + central govt allowances.

    I want to know how much money approximately i can get for a month including all the allowances.I don't know what are the central govt allowances.The job position may be in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

    Approximately How much money i cant get in a month.
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    Dear Varun,

    On your selection you will be fitted in the payscale of 5240-20000 with a starting basic pay of Rs.5240.

    You are eligible for following payments:-

    1. Basic pay - 5240
    2. Grade pay - 2000
    3. DA 51% of basic - 2672
    4. HRA [Metro cities] 30% of baisc pay - 1572

    Gross Monthly pay - 11484 (approx)

    With Regards and Best wishes,


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    It depends on job. Minimum salary is Rs.8000. For a high school teacher salary is Rs.25000. National bank clerks are earning Rs.34000 per month.
    Think before act.

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    A central govt job is really worthy.Though the initial salary is not that attractive,it will have periodical enhancements.DA rates are also varying.When basic pay increases,the HRA also will get increased.Besides there are many protective benefits which are not available even in big private firms. Some of them are:
    1.Educational allowances to children
    2.Medical benefits to the person and his family
    3.Leave travel concessions
    4.Conveyance charges
    5.TA On transfers, deputations, official tours etc
    6.Quarters may also be available
    7.Different kinds of leave like earned leave, half pay leave, medical leave, casual leave etc which are not available at all in pvt firms
    8.Transfers on request to places of your choice
    9.Free trainings and courses at govt expenses
    9.Fringe benefits such as newspaper allowance,festival allowances etc
    10.Interest free loans during festivals
    11.House loans, vehicle loans, computer loans etc
    12.A number of public holidays
    13.Maternity as well as paternity leave
    14.Promotions to the top most positions
    15.Powerful posts. Authorization to attest and sign certificates and papers
    16.Retirement benefits such as gratuity, Provident fund, pension commutation etc
    17.The most attractive benefit of any govt job,ie pension. Govt takes care of you even after retirement.
    18.Compassionate appointment to dependents
    19.Provision for voluntary retirement with all benefits
    20.Above all, the security and freedom that no other jobs possess
    In addition govt jobs provide many facilities such as leave for foreign service, leave to complete education etc.You are not supposed to work overnight. Convenient office timings.Sharing of responsibility, allowances for overtime works
    Hence in all ways govt jobs are attractive.

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    Dear varun
    total salary depends on the nature of the work if you perform risky job then you get more extra allowances due to this defense personnel those posted remote areas getting high salary at the same grade.As you mentioned your basic pay and GP so initially during training you will get basic+da+gp+rm +other =12000 to14000 Rs

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    central government salary is divided into various pay bands
    there are mainly 4 paybands
    GROUP A starts wit your 5400 grade pay tats in payband 3
    as in your case u have grade pay 2000 so you in payband 2
    5240+2000=7240 will be your basic....then each year you will get an increment its 3% of your current basic
    along wit this DA=51% ie 7240+3620(50% of 7240 + 1% of tat)=106860+1068{whenever DA crosses 50% it s taken like this}in addition to all these HRA with respect ot ur residing place its 10 OR 20 OR 30 %...Then travel allowance tat also depends on your residing place......if u r married family planning allowance etc
    so in total
    if u are in a metropolitan city
    you will get around 13500-15000 rupees per month
    you may be in a metropolitan city so its nearly 14200 rupees you can expect
    when you get your next promotion .....since you are in intelligence buraeu it will take atleast 8 years or more or otherwise you will get ASSURED CAREER PROGRESSION tats similar to promotion afetr 10 years of continous service without any will run auto matically into next payband tats 2400///// ie 5240+2400 + others similar to i have explained above(app 15000-16000 as per present conditions)......when you reach 9300 + 4200(app 32000 as per present) you will be entering into pay band 3 from your present position it will take atleast take 24 years
    jobs in intelligence bureau is very exciting so i advice you strongly take up this job ////////// by 30 years of service you can even reach deputy intelligence officer(9300+ 4600)..if u get promotions at the right time

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