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    Fair Complexion

    As my color is wheatish brown, I want to know how I can get fair complexion ?
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    There are many natural home remedies for achieving fair complxion. These are very usefull if fairness creams and similar products do not suit you for some reason. Some of these are;

    Applying lemon juice on your skin daily makes it fairer. This is because lemons are citrus fruits and thus, slightly acidic. The same goes for tomatoes. Tomato pulp is a little harder to apply on skin, esecially daily, but it has more nutrients and gives skin a pinkish glow.

    Mixing milk with flour and washing skin with it makes skin fair and smooth. This is a home-made scrub and is very effective in the long run.

    Mixing lemons with curd and using it as a face pack 2-3 times a week can make skin a lot fairer.

    Putting a little milk in ground up dal and using it as a scrub on skin daily is extremely beneficial. It makes skin fair, helps lighten dark spots on skin and also helps reduce excessive oiliness, if that is a problem.

    Another way to achive fair skin is through certain medical procedures. There are many well known skin clinics and dermatologists that one can go to, in order to have these procedures done. Procedures such as a chemical peel, that removes a layer of skin, can help with many problems such as acne or dark spots along with lightening the complexion. If considering this alternative, do make sure to go to a licensed dermatologist or a ligimate and well known clinic, such as Kaya Skin Clinic.

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    We cannot make an altogether change in complexion.However, if you are patient your complexion can be made brighter
    1.Ayurveda offers many oils and ointments that help improve the beauty of skin. It also has certain medicines in the form of 'arishtam' and lehyam'.An oil named' nalpamaradi keram' is very effective.Continuous use of the oil will make great changes.
    2.Make a paste of honey, turmeric,red sandal powder and curd.apply it on your face for half an hour. Do this regularly.
    3.Turmeric and neem leaves paste is also very effective.
    4.Curd is very effective to reduce sun tan.
    5.Drink enough water and have sufficient sleep
    6.Faster blood circulation really improves the glow of the skin. Exercise and yoga are really helpful
    7.Use mild cleansers daily so that skin pores remain clean
    8. Periodical herbal bleach and herbal facial in a beauty parlour will definitely make changes.
    9.Eat plenty of dry fruits such as badam, cashews,dates and raisins(black grapes)
    10.It is heard if you take 2 or 3 spoons of 'krishna thulsi'juice in the early morning,in empty stomach, you will get white complexion.
    Ayurvedic as well as home remedies are endless. They are very effective too. But don't expect an overnight change. Minimum 3 months are required for a visible change.But the result is doubtless.
    Be confident in all aspects. Good manners, effective communication, positive attitude,good body language and a smiling face amounts to your total personality. Then your complexion has only a very little role in exposing you to others.

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    I myself am wheatish! I will give a few remedies which i tried and got good results :

    1) Take 2-3 drops of lemon juice and mic it with sugar! Scrub your face every morning

    2) After this moisturize your skin with malai or milk and keep it for 10 minute

    3) You can rub your face with tomato or crushed raw potatoes (we type of people tan soon so this is the best way to remove teh tan)

    4) Go to the parlor and ask them to use oxy bleach. This should be done every 2 months.

    Thats it... Hope this routine helps you

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    The reason for skin darkening is the production of melanin in the skin. When you are exposed to the sun due to uva radiation effects there is oxidative stress and the already produced melanin darkens. Many suggest drinking lots of water for good complexion. There are lots of ways to have healthy skin but I would suggest natural ways. Tips 1. Mix egg white with glycerin,besan,sandalwood powder and tomato juice to obtain a thick paste. Apply it on your face for 7 days. Your complexion would get better. 2. Mix egg with a teaspoon each of honey and milk and apply on face. Remove after 20 minutes. 3. Take two tablespoons of orange juice,rose water and a teaspoon of honey and mix with a tablespoon of fuller's earth. Apply for 15 to 20 minutes then clean your face with a wet towel. Your skin will already feel a difference and glow 5. Take a teaspoon of carrot juice,a table spoon of tomato juice half teaspoon of honey and mix with multani mitti and apply. Remove after sometime. 6. Crush potatoes or bananas and if possible mix with honey and apply. This is good for dry skin and also improves colour. The advantage with herbal methods is that they increase the blood supply to your face and opens the pores. Before going out to the sun apply sun screen lotion atleast half an hour earlier. Using a soap called medimix is highly beneficial. Lemon juice is also good for skin.

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    Their is no way to improve complexion. To know our actual complexion examine your arm region. Only up to that level our complexion increase. Do not use unnecessary cosmetics for that. Complexion is not same for all. All are alike. Do not keep on thinking about this. You can protect your complexion using sun screens. Wash face frequently. Drink beet root juice.

    Do not worry, be happy!

    Think before act.

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    There is no way we can change the complexion of our skin. We can use some home remedies to improve the glow of our face.

    1. Make it a practice to use besan powder mixed with a drop of lemon juice and curd to was your face.

    2. Avoid using make up kits which may darken your skin if you have allergy.

    3. Drink 150 ml of carrot juice everyday.

    4. Apply a paste of cucumber and turmeric over your face and neck to have a glowing skin.

    5. Vegetables and Fruits can be added in the diet reducing the rice intake.

    6. Meditation, Yoga and Exercises enhance the blood flow which will in turn keep you fresh and beautiful.

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