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    What is family planning operation of women?

    What is family planning operation of women?
    Please let me know the side effects of it.
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    Family planning operation of women is called tubectomy. If the fallopian tubes are ligated then the ova cannot be fertilized by the sperm. This happens in the fallopian tubes only. The method is permanent and should only be resorted to if one is sure not to have any children in the future. Apart from that there are no side effects. in my practice I advise the various non-surgical methods more.
    Kiran Makkar

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    Actually maximum of our people knows about family planning in our nation and i am not going to explain it here. But wish to inform the following points:-

    1) Nowadays mostly in the hospitals doing family planning operations in latest technology. So there is no need to care about side effects.

    2) In Islam, if women have any serious problems in their health which can not allow further birth of child then they can make family planning. for example, if one woman had already two or three scissorian for birth of child, her body will not allow for further surgery. In this stage they can make family planning.

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    Family planning methods are many. The operation which is performed for this is known as tubectomy(for women) and vasectomy(for men). This is a permanent method of family planning, which means once you opt this and undergo this procedure the reversal of the condition is not possible. The procedure performed here is, the fallopian tubes are tied first and then it is cut. The fallopian tubes are the one which carry the ovum (egg) from the ovaries (the site where it is produced) to the uterus. There are two fallopian tubes on either side of the uterus, both are ligated and cut. There are two main ways of performing this. One is called minilaparotomy. Here under local anaesthesia a small incision is given and through this each tube is tied and cut or else closed with a clip or ring. The incision is then closed with stitches and bandage is put. This procedure can be performed 6 weeks after the child birth also. Another method is laparoscopy. Here under local anaesthesia a special needle is put into the abdomen(just below the and inflated with gas or air, this is to raise the wall of the abdomen from the organs inside. Then laparoscope is inserted through another small incision of about 2 cm. Then through this instruments are introduced and the procedure is done. In both these procedures person can leave the hospital within few hours if there are no further complications

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    Family planning operation for women is called tubectomy. In this the fallopian tube is clamped or occluded to make fertilization impossible.

    Commonly there are two procedures for tubectomy;
    2.Minilap operation

    Laproscopy is done by an instrument called "laproscope". In this a ring is applied to occlude the fallopian tube.

    Minilap operation;
    minilap operation is an advanced type of abdominal tubectomy. It is more safe and effective than laproscopy.

    Side effects are uncommon but if it occurs it may be serious.
    *puncture of large blood vessels may occurs as the side effects of laproscopy and it may cause bleeding and hypovolemic shock.

    Dr.Ranjeeth Kumar.
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    As already discussed above, the operation is about closing the fallopian tube in woman to stop sperms reaching the eggs to fertilize them. This is a permanent option and should be opted if you are no longer planning to have kids.

    Besides these there are temporary options like contraceptive pills, 'T' scale, condoms etc.

    You may even consult your gynaecologist as she will be able to explain you more and answer your any doubts/queries


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