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    What is Ashtachuram used for ?

    In medicine prescription it is mentioned to consume 1 teaspoon with buttermilk before food for my friend.

    For what purpose is this prescribed?
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    What you mean is Ashtachoorna.Ashta means eight and choorna means powder. Ashtachoorna is a herbal powder of 8 ingredients. The ingredients are
    1.dried ginger pepper
    3.rock salt
    6.asafoetida cumin
    8.white cumin
    It is an ayurvdeic medicne to improve digestion and to increase appetite.Ashtachoorna can be administered to people of all age groups.
    It can cure stomach aches
    It can correct digestive issues
    It is useful to clean the stomach from worms and bacteria
    It is very useful for the 'colic pain' usually found in infants and kids
    It acts against loss of appetite, indigestion and all kinds of stomach upsets
    Dosage: A daily intake of half to one tspoon with buttermilk, warm water or honey is a very useful home remedy and a panacea for many of our digestive problems.
    It is a practice in Kerala to give ashtachoornam to lactating mothers(immediately after delivery) and infants.
    It has no side effects. But beneficial to all who have gastric and digestive discomforts.

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    Thank you for your reply madam. If you have any information how this is useful for lactating mothers and infants (below what age), please inform.

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