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    Valmiki's Ramayana

    Valmiki wrote Ramayana story. So isn't the story made by a human? Then why do we worship characters in it and consider them holy?
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    Valmiki wrote Ramayana, but it is not just work of fiction, it had happened in past, thats why we worship them !

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    Dear Anonimity,
    Ramayana is not a story. It is called as an Epic. It portrays the greatness of Rama the Avatar of Lord Vishnu Lakshmi and other deities. It teaches the lesson as to how a father or son should be, a wife, a brother, a friend and foe should be.

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    Hai anonymous,
    Ramayana is one of the holy epic book of Hindus. Ramayana is not a story, it is a real one. Sree Rama was the elder son of dasharathan. Janaki(seetha) daughter of janakan was his wife. Dasharathan had three wives.among them Sree Rama was the elder one. It is just not a story of king but the perfect way of life. Sree Rama was the avatar of lord Vishnu an Janaki was the avatar of Lakshmi. Ramayana teaches us how honest and dedicated we should be in our relationships. When Dasharathan asks Sree Rama to go to jungle he is obeying that without asking the reason. Lakshmana the brother Rama is following him in the jungle too. That shows their love and affection. Likewise Ramayana teaches us how we should consider father, mother, brothers and all the one in our life.

    Sree Rama lived a perfect life because he wants us to follow us. Even though the intention of Lord Vishnu's avatar was to kill Ravan he had to wait for the right time. That shows his patience. All things will happen when the right time comes. Now a days we all lack many qualities. The love and trust of Seetha was so strong that no could defeat her in any way. The life of Sree Rama and Seetha is the best example for a perfect husband wife relationship.
    The love and respect of Hanuman to Sree Rama was so intense. like them we should respect and love our teachers. Likewise Ramayana teaches us how to live a perfect life.

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    Vaalmiki's ramayanam is a holy and sacred book. Before writing this book, Lord brahma who says that Lord Mahavishnu borns as a human, with his divine qualities he removes all the evils which are on the earth. Without this guidance, it was impossible for Vaalmiki to write Raamaayana because Vaalmiki is an illiterate person.

    Every moment, as a human, Lord Sreerama, expresses his feelings towards people. It is impossible for normal layman, to live like that. Those who lived like Lord Sreerama, they get satisfaction as living. Lord Sreerama is a teacher and we are students of Lord Sreerama. He teaches all lessons to us by practising in His life. Therefore, whatever characters Lord Sreerama has, that are to be treated as holy characters.

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    Ramayana is not just a book, it is truly considered to be one of the most religious epics of all times. It depicts the greatness of Lord Rama, who is believed to be a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

    Ramayana depicts the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. The moral of this story is winning of a good person over an evil person, however powerful the evil person may be. If a person is always following good values in life, he will always succeed.

    Ramayana is truly acknowledged by all the people, whether young or old. May people like to chant a few lines from this epic everyday. The school going children are also taught about this epic. It is truly an important part of the school syllabus too. Many old people like to recite this story to ther children or grandchildren.



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    valmki is a person who wrote Ramayana. That is all. By this, one should not come to any conclusion about ramayana.

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    Ramayan is not story its epic. Ram is our God and we know something more about God through Ramayan that is the reason how Ramayan is important for us.

    Everyone like Ramayan I like it and I am proud that God is great.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Hi, I see a discussion going on; Its goodfor all as it can keep us thinking.

    @Bhagavati Lal Swarnakar: Worship(verb) in the religeous sense means: show devotion to (a deity); and
    Diety means: any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.

    So do you think it is apt to 'worship' humans like Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Sai Baba, etc?
    And, people use 'Worshipful Mayor' but this is absolutely wrong.

    Worship only the Almighty - This is what I feel the best, after considering all the studies made by us.

    @Anonimity: What made you think in this way? What are the studies you have made? Let us know.

    And I read, in these answers, some contradictions like 'Ramayana was told to him by gods', 'if it is written by valmiki, it doesn't mean the characters can be worshipped', etc.

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    As everybody say Ramayana is not just a story or novel, Rama and Sita as hero and heroin respectively. It is the Epic, to which all the people of Indian subcontinent respect it and follow the ideologies of the this epic. All the positive characters of this epic show the behaviors ideal person and their ideal way of leading life. By reading and accepting this epic everyone in the world should compare his/her way of living and behaviors with those characters and try to improve the quality of life and in tern it leads of peace, happiness and healthier environment in the world.

    The ideal person in the universe none other than the god. There fore the concept of Rama is suits for the Sri vishnu who is complete in all the sense, hence Rama might be called as the incarnation of vishnu. The sita another shown the behaviour of ideal woman and she is wife of Rama, so she is considered as incarnation of Shri Laxmi.

    Similarly the Hanuman is incarnation of god of gasious state or wind Vayu etc. Ravana is the ideal negative charector, by the virtue of which he has been killed by Rama. Which shows the god always destroy the bad things and save the good ones.

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    Ramayana is respected by the Indians. It is an epic. I haven't read the real epic, but after considering all the stories from it, we can see that Rama has all the greatness one needs as a person.
    Is any 'person' as complete as Rama? Ask yourself.

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    Hi all,
    This is a nice page. It makes us think.

    1. Is there any evidence that Valmiki wrote Ramayana?
    2. Is it mentioned in the story?
    3. Does Valmiki also appear as a character in the story?
    4. Everyone has talked of the greatness of Rama. But we can also write a story in which there are people with ideal qualities, can't we? So how can you say that Rama the story is real just because Rama has ideal qualities?

    I want answers please. Better if you can number them according to the question.

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    We worship the ideology. Worshiping is a form of appreciation in true sense.If one does not find shri Rama's character worth worshiping, he is not forced to do so. Human being has since beginning , tendency to grow up and improvise from whatever we are today, and some character in our history , we found as timeless, means no matter whatever time elapsed, we find their character is always ideal. Shri Rama is one of them , so we worship Him.

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    Dear Waseem Naseer

    If you talk about evidence, Neither evidence can be given about Holy quran also. It can also be said as hypothetical story, would it be good to listen? Be it Ramayana, or Holy quran or Bible, they are here to teach us the greatest lessons of life, life is too short to judge them as true or false, dear it is wise to follow their teachings and be happy.

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    Dear interrogater,
    There are certain ideals for us to follow we should show reverance and faith in them because they are made by siddha persons who have perceived the higher veracity or truths of life during their deep samadhis or superconsciousness state but if a germ of doubt is still irritating you here is the psychological region behind it.
    We worship any ideal and consider it holy then our mind comes under the play of super psychology, if we are worshipping something with reverance this implies that we are subconsciously considering it as ideal and as a result it shows our subconscious longing to become so which is hidden in our inner realms of our subconscious plane of our mind (Did I say subconscious). Infact, the working level of our mind are on two levels conscious level( which can be compared to RAM of a computer ) and subconscious level ( which can be compared to ROM of a computer). Conscious is about which we are conscious and subconscious is about which we are unaware. Continuous conscious actions constitute our subconscious mind which of course, include the actions of our past life. For example on remembrance of rashgullas saliva is secreted automatically. We do many things subconsciously like walking though we are unaware of every step , several thoughts come and go in our mind though we are unaware. Let's switch over to our point. Subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious mind. Whatever is impregnated or inserted in subconscious mind is bound to happen but impregnation of subconscious mind is a long term work though there are some techniques to do it in a short time like self hypnotising or hypnotising. Whatever is done repeatedly for a long period of time enters our subconscious mind. So, if we are worshipping regularly it obviously means we are impregnating our subconscious mind to become our chosen ideal. And a day arrives when we are in unison with our chosen ideal it means it has been accepted by our subconscious mind and we are one with our ideal. Though duration required for acceptance by subconscious mind varies from people to people. It depends upon the quality of a person. So choice is yours with what do you want to impregnate your mind

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    Hi All,

    Let me try to put some light on it. I don't consider myself as a master of this field but based on my readings on mythology epics, this is my conclusion. As per Hindu mythology, there are time cycles, which are known as "KALPA". Each kalpa has 4 "YUGA" in it. These are Krit, Treta, Dwapar and Kali. In each yuga, lord appears as a different form. In every Krit Yuga, Parshurama appears, every Treta yuga witness Lord Rama, Dwapar yuga watch the Krishna leela and the Kali yuga comes to end by Lord Kalki!

    This is a cycle! Once; Lord Shiva explained these cycles to Goddess Parvati. And he told him the story of Ramayan. The sage Narada overheard the story. On the later part; when the dacoit Ratnakar arrested sage Narad and realized that his share of bad karmas are not going to be shared by his family, he regret his deeds. That's how, Dacoit Ratnakar changes to sage Valmiki. Once he became the sage, Narad told him to write the epic of Ramayan, that he had overheard from Lord Shive. That's how Ramayan was written. This Hindu epic has been written a numerous way in numerous languages. It would be incorrect to say that, Valmiki was the author of Ramayan, rather I would put it as, Valmiki was the odest known author of the epic.

    Beside the above, Religion is something, you should not debate with. It is only about your faith!

    ISC Editor

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