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    How to Increase GPRS modem speed-Utilize full available bandwidth?

    I use a GPRS phone modem, I normally get 8 KBPS during downloading,
    <5KBPS during surfing
    But when I updated AVG free I got greater than 18KBPS So I found that my connection is capable of having greater than 18KBPS speed but I want that speed for my downloads and surfing too, should I optimize the bandwidth or some other thing? Kindly tell me the methods, Thanks in advance
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    First you know important lines about GPRS phone netconnection.
    1. Maximum speed you can get through it ranges between 16-25 kbps(it requires a very good signal strength and subjected to opertor feasibility).
    2. If you use EDGE you may get a little over that.(around 30-40 kbps).
    3. With the increase in load on network effects internet speed too.
    4. Non-peak hours like early morning you can get a maximum speed out of GPRS.
    5. Speed of browsing/downloading always varies from second to second you need to consider average speed.
    6. With the 2G sim if you get a average speed of 6 kbps(downloading) then it is said to be very good speed.
    7. If you use 3G you may get a average downloading speed of around 16 kbps.


    Tell me your phone model as well as mobile service operator name?
    There are some network accelerator applications are present(Emobistudio) especially for smartphones, but there won't be any significant improvement by using those.

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    Use modem boost

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    To increase the Internet speed upto 20% of existing speed. You should need to use these steps in Windows XP:

    1. Click on start
    2. Type RUN
    3. Type GPEDIT.msc and press enter
    4. Then select Local Computer Polity
    5. Then Computer Configuration
    6. Then Administrative Templates
    7. Then Network
    8. Then QOS Packet Scheduler
    9. Then double click Limit Reservable Bandwidth
    10.Then Select Enable
    11.Then change Reserve Bandwidth to 0 from 20.

    You can increase Internet speed up to 20% of existing speed.

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    1.Remove Browser plugins in internet explorer/fire fox and uninstall any add ons

    2.Disable Popup ads by popup blocker

    3.Clear out internet browsers cache(click delete files button in temp internet files)

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