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    Which is the best car to buy to suit our Indian road conditions ?

    Which is the best car to buy to suit our Indian road conditions? Market is flooded with variety of cars. Some are Indian and many are foreign brands. But which car is more suitable for Indian roads and which is reasonably priced. By purchasing foreign cars are we assured of guaranteed services and spares?
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    If you buy foreign car, the main problem it has is that whenever something happens to it, you will have to send your car to official dealers where it can be repaired, as it is hard for local machenics to repair it, and I would suggest you to buy Mahindra & Mahindra company's car, as this company's cars are rough and tough, that suits our roads !

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    Vikaram thanks for your suggestion. Buying good car is the great task and we should see the after sales and service availability too.
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    Whenever you should buy a commodity, the first important thing to note is the availability of its repair and service centre near your location. Anything you buy, you keep in mind that if that gadget breaks down, will I have access to some service centre at ease ?
    So its not just the brand but its also the services provided.
    Now coming to the choice of a good car, I think one should always look for something in the range of 3-5 lacs for typical Indian roads due to their efficient mileage and desired comfort levels.
    Maruti Suzuki is the first company that comes into mind due to its large sales and market values, Wagon R, Alto and Swift all three of these are good and while Alto gives the maximum mileage, Swift gives maximum comfort and features that one desires of in his dream car.
    Hyundai is also suitable as two of its cars, viz. i10 and i20 has brought its name among the top brands dealing in the middle class level cars.

    Personally I would prefer i20 over all other cars due to a lot of reasons and various rich features that it provides ahead of all others, making it the first choice for all. Still its one's own wish and requirement that he has to consider before spending such an amount of money. So its better if you consider your financial conditions as well as your needs from the car before you go out and spend in lacs.

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    If you are a metropolitan and wish to buy a car for use in the local area , I advice you to buy small cars like Maruthi Alto, Hundai I10, Tata indica.
    If you are a city long runner, I advice you to buy vehicles like, Honda accent, civic, Ford Fiesta, Innoca, Xylo
    If you are a town or a village man, I advice you an Ambassador car.

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    According to me the condition of roads is not so good for a costly car because it will be hard to maintain it and costly car means costly parts and which will lead you to a great loss in servicing and repairing.
    And the cars you must opt for are
    Alto,i10,i20,Beat,spark,wagon R,accent etc.

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