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    What qualifications are required for HR jobs?

    Hi expert
    This is rick ,my question is that what qualification is exactly necessary for HR jobs
    Would you think that for HR job employee must be from management background?
    And last but not the least how much a employee should be creative by nature for HR jobs?
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    Dear Rick,

    For a HR job one has to have Masters degree like MBA, MSW, etc., specialised in Human Resource Management. For Government job or jobs in PSU's the candidates should have two years full time masters degree specialised in HR Management. However in private sectors it depends the policy oin each Company. In some private company's they hire candidates with Post Graduate Diploma specialised in HR Management also.

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    -Thomas Alva Edison

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    Dear Rick,

    Nowadays, job competition based on two things. One is Educational qualification and the other one is skills even though if you do not have good qualification background. But the second one is very rare in which organisations offering jobs based on only skill set.

    So most of the organisations prefer good educational background, even to say related field is a must. So for HR jobs, one should possess Master degree in Management studies. This educational qualification is not only for competition but also to express the ideas in a different way, being differentiate from others with respect of their ideas, decision making techniques under pressure situations, like the list goes on.

    Human Resource management is a unique course, one should be qualified not only from the books but also through practical knowledge by handling situations. It deals with communicating with lot of people, with organisations, negotiation, etc. So a Master degree in HR qualification is a must for HR Jobs.

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    Dear Rick,

    for being an HR professional there are two ways

    1. Get the required education i.e either a MBA in HR, an MLL&LW etc. degree.

    2. Start as a trainee in the administration department of a firm (as getting directly into HR wont be an easy fish) and wait to get promoted into HR.

    frankly the latter will make you slog your brains really hard and then also wont provide any guarantee of you getting one of the good positions in HR. So my suggestion to you would be not play with the precious years of your life and get the required degree.

    Creativity in today's world is an essential for every job available on the planet.In HR if you are doing the regular Administration work then creativity is not that important but if you are into core HR functions (training,recruitment,Grievance etc) then creativity is a must as it gives not only the employees but the whole organization an extra edge over other firms.

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    Hello Rick,

    if you need build your career in HR then either you have to do MBA in HR Or PG Course in MBA. Normally major companies give preference to regular/full time education.

    HR has many functions, if you want to focus on specific role of HR then accordingly you have to do studies.

    HR i a person who is coordinating between employees and employer. Hence person required good command on English and communication skills.

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    I am a Personnel?HR manager since 1981 and according to me, more than qualification, the following are highly required for a HR job.
    1.Patience: On no account one should exhibit his anger on the otherside.
    2.Hearing: One should have the habit of hearing otherside,then only he can come to a good decision.
    3.Judging: He should be impartial and his decision is to comply the legality/natural justice.

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