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    How to make children, a good citizen?


    I have 2 sons. I want them to be a good citizen of this country in future. I am taking all out efforts in this directions. Yet I wish to hear from our learned members of ISC on the above topic. Please suggest me with your ideas and improvements that can be imparted in to a child so as to make him a good citizen. Thank you all in advance.
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    This is an extremely nice question; that somebody asked how to become a good citizen, not a well-educated profession, service man, etc. There are so much of difference between a good citizen and an educated person. Because, not all educated person may be a good citizen and all good citizens are not compulsory to be an educated person. Making a child, a good citizen is not an easy task. There are many points that must followed by the parents:
    1. Dignity: this is most important act performed by the parents (husband and wife).
    2. Behavior: Parent's behavior in front of the child should be very calm and typical; must not hurt and disappoint in any course.
    3. Respect: give respect to your parents, and teach your child to do the same.
    4. Holy act: get participate and let participate your child with every holy functions and occasions at home and outside the home. Teach them the moral of every occasion and why we celebrate that in a particular day & time.
    5. Humanity: learn what humanity is. How to inculcate this within us? What does it gives others and us towards making a good person.
    6. Discipline: parents must perform this before taught their child.
    7. Human values: combination of tradition, occasions, making happiness, brotherliness, etc tells us the human values, which should be persevere in every act and perform to make a good citizen.

    Thanks & regards,
    Naresh Kumar

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Very nice answer Mr.Naresh, will try to inculcate and follow.
    Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan,
    Superintendent of Central Excise & Customs.

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    We have to become a role model for whatever we want our child to become in future. Now a days it has become like a challenge for all parents, due to unwanted bombardment of useless information on TV channels and internet also.

    We can maintain decorum in our home, and that is most important thing. Rest we can expect from school, and choosing a good school must be in our high priority .

    Though unconditional love for children works miracle to get rapport with children, sometime we have to become hard on them when we see children not following our teaching.And I don't think it is wrong to become angry sometimes because we are dreaming their ultimate good in future. Whenever child does something good, always we should reward them.

    Discipline is beautifully incorporated with the personality of children in school, at home we can take care of teaching moral values, respect for all, respect public property and understanding value of money.

    Child must be allowed to experiment with everything , and allowed to ask about anything, if it is necessary for parents to read books or doing hard work in finding right answers for them , we must do it.

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    Generally, today people think that children get good qualities only by restrictions to the children. Finally they become the children as machines, i.e., they won't give any chance to children to do any work their own. Generally, at childhood, children acquire knowledge about their surroundings by asking more and more questions. So, elders should have the patience to clarify their doubts and also create enthusiasm in children to think practically about nature.

    One more thing that children should play the games. Obviously, games make them active participation in challenges and adventures to face. Children should participate curricular and extra curricular activities to improve their cognitive approach.

    The most important point is that moral values should be imbibed in children because now-a-days, lack of moral values, many criminal actions are done by the youth. As a result, they get spoiled their life.

    Parents should improve devotion towards God. That gives the root for the love towards all over the world. Like this parents should feed their children. Then only, they become good citizen and their future will be glorious.

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    Every one said that children's are the future of country and its true. One more thing "Child is like clay, it depend how we can grow them". The important thing god has given a brain, the main function of brain is to observe, analyse, understand and stored valuable information in active brain. In simple language we cant control on the brain of small child because what they hear, see and observe will recorded in his brain. It mean that in front of child we do not have do certain activities which can harm or give negative impact. The answering of child question is very important which I missed in above discussion. The human brain have tendency to search solution for arise question and it will search until satisfaction. In simple do not avoid questions of your children, give appropriate answers without any shame. He have to develop very frank relation with you to ensure that you will welcome his query without any hesitation. If child asked others sure they will misguide him or not give proper answer. Very important teach him to survive in any condition with confidence, this is come by routine daily achievements by encouraging his daily good work.
    With Best Regards,

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    Good question, simple answer for this question is "Discipline" is very very important - learn and follow the rules and regulation of home / domestic, follow discipline in educational center and follow it in professional or business, it will become easy and normal to be a success person in rest of life.

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    One simple thing you and we all need to do to make children discipline is by being our self decupling

    Nothing else can help them; even if we grow them up with discipline we can not stop them from entering society.

    So even if we keep them in good environment for 100 days it takes one day to attract towards bad things

    So one we start being disciplined slowly society starts changing and the day comes where we need not to do any thing to make them discipline

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    We as parents it is our responsibility to help our children become good citizen.
    I know there are many working parents and we do tend to give or leave the job of training our children to school friends TV and so on.
    What I realize as a mother I have to take time to invest in my children or they will just wither and die like the plants.
    We have to give time to train our children to be have kind heart and teach them to be good citizen.
    Time we spent teaching our kids will stay in their hearts for ever and we can not neglect that no matter how busy we are.
    Its so easy for us parents to say go play with your friends or go watch your Favorite cartoon.
    Another important thing is that we as parents have to do is that be the sample of all the moral values we want our children to learn and live by.
    For example if we want our children to learn honestly we have show the way say you are having bad day and you don't want to answer the phone so instead answering the phone you tell child to tell the person on the line that mom is not home.
    List goes on and but we do it unknowingly but we have to be aware that we have children watching and copying our examples.

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    To make children good citizens we should be good citizens first. We should be the role models. If they see you dumping garbage in road they will do the same. So u must behave as good citizens first. When they see you they would naturally pick up the values. Whenever they go wrong you can correct them by explaining things to them instead of just yelling at them. Also, you must teach the children what the country gives them and what they are expected to give back. Brain drain is a major problem in our country. So make the children realize their participation in country's growth and development. They must realize that they must get educated and contribute to India's growth in some or the other way. All these when inculcated in child's mind definitely he or she would become a good citizen.
    Jai Hind

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