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    After Marriage to a Muslim is it necessary to get converted?

    In India one has the right to follow his/ her religion. I have had a court marriage to a Muslim guy. I am a Rajput(Hindu) girl. I do not want to change my religion an get converted to Muslim. I respect Islam but cant follow it. Please let me know is it necessary for me to get converted to Muslim or can I follow Hinduism even after marriage?
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    Thanks Prashant. My husband does not have any problem in me carrying my religion. I even have a small temple at my place. But if I have to get a Nikah done which is a legal marriage in Muslims it says I will have to get myself converted.

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    Hi, Kirti Sikarwar

    Mughal king Akbar was also a muslim, and had married Jhodha Bai. Nikah is a legal marriage in muslims, so if one has to get into a nikah the person should be a muslim, who believes in Islam. To get the right answer you can contact any moulvi of any mosque, they will give you the right answer according to the muslim shariat.

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    Its not compulsory to change your religion after your marriage with a Muslim guy.
    But it mainly depends o the person you are marrying and their family.
    If the guy you are marrying agrees with you, then its not a concern.
    You both can live together by following their own religions and a family in our colony lives in the same way.
    So you must talk with the guy and their family members about this issue.
    Its not necessary nikah should be done compulsorily between two muslims only.

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    Thank you Shabir. But when Akbar got married he did not get Jodha converted to a Muslim and they did do a nikah.

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    Thanks Vineesh

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    Please get to know what exactly Islam is and compare with others, if you like it then i challenge you, that you will definitely adopt, Am not telling you to forcibly join. First see the practices what Muslims adopt, observe good and bad. Final decision will be yours. And one more suggestion, if you are planning to live with their parents, then please think at once before going there

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    There is no written law that when you marry a person not belonging to your religion, you need to convert your religion after the marriage. It completely depends upon the views of your and your husband. If yu both are happy in following each other's religious practices, then you need not think of converting your religion.

    You have done court marriage that is covered under the laws of Special Marriage Act of 1954 allowing two individuals, of same or different religions to marry and this marriage will always be legal. So, whether or not you convert your religion, there is not going to be any difference under the Law.



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