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    How can I leave my smoking habit?

    Dear doctor,
    I am a chain smoker. I know that it injurious to health. It already makes many problems of my health. I am suffering chest pain and depression.My family members are in tension about my present condition. i was trying to left the habit but i fail.I don't know how can i left this habit. Please show me the way to left this habit.
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    My friend who have the habit of smoking did this practice and stopped smoking. Try this and get success! Just you have a (only one)cigarette in your pocket while you are starting to office/workplace. Whenever you tempted to smoke take the cigarette from your pocket and just smell it and keep it again into your packet by saying yourself that we can smoke later. Do everytime like this on the day full. In a day or two you will quit the habit of smoking.

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    It is easy to smoke but very very difficult to leave unless you understand yourself. Before it is too late still i can suggest you that to take few things which will help to avoid the ill effects of smoking until you give up completely. Try to avoid smoking environment. We are also having friends who have a same problem like you, Who have decided to take an alternate method (ex. take a flavored pan, sweet somp ) or tablets recommended by doctors which are also available in market. Until you get out of smoking.

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    One of my closest tried this and till now he hasn't started again.the only thing you need is the strong determination everything else is temporarily since once you start finding excuses to overcome that you will find yourself smoking again.
    whenever you feel like smoking think that you are most selfish person because you are thinking about yourself and not about the family who cares for you. nowadays nobody have time to wait and sit for other person to see and care so if you continue you might end up in hospital or lying in corner of room waiting for that last minute and all alone.Everybody will say we have tried to stop you but you were not ready to listen so you are responsible for your situation ,we can provide you with medical aid or nurses but not our precious time.
    Do you want that, you have make this decision.
    Live everymoment of life by enjoying so my dear friend you need only

    Rohini verma
    Dermal therapist& Specialist Make-up artist

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    It's is nice to hear that you want to quit smoking.
    There are several methods but you need to have strongly adhere to the process you choose.You try the following process and for your own sake do not fail this time
    1.Plan a date to quit smoking.(Take one week, but you know you are going to quit smoke on that day)
    2.From today you cut down the number of Cigarette i.e. amount of nicotine intake.
    3.In this week cut down it to just 1 Cigarette/day.
    4.Start drinking lemon juice , it reduces the desire for nicotine.
    5.Keep yourself busy, play games, cook, try new projects.
    6.Join a Gym session.(This will really help you).
    7.Stay away from smoking environment.
    8.Make yourself stronger daily, take deep breaths to understand yourself.
    9.Do not keep telling others that you are quitting.
    10.Once you reach the planned date, STOP.
    11.In between you may feel like smoking, buy a nicotine patch if you feel like so.Swing gum and chocolates are also helpful.
    12.Once your body gains its past stage you will never want to smoke again.
    13.Do it.
    a) Because you will to enter a new happy phase of life.
    b) Your lungs will start heal itself.
    c) Your chest will not ache.
    Be strong.It will not only help to quit, but also improve your will-power thus making you a confident person.
    We are waiting to welcome you in a beautiful Healthy Life.

    Furthermore, if you feel pain in chest take deep breath and cough.Do it for 3-4 times, pain will be gone.

    Note: I am not a doctor.If you do not like the ideas, consult a Doctor.


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    Anybody can get anything by the efforts to achieve the desire.But it takes lots of efforts to control on the habits such as drinking,smoking.You must first avoid to carry the packet of cigarattes.Don't ask for the cigarattes to your friends.Tell all your friends that you have left the smoking,so that they will not force you to smoke.Avoid the peoples who used to force you to smoke.
    You may take advice from doctors there are several tablets like Varenicline which are available in market that can help you to quit the habit of smoking.But consult the doctors before taking any tablets.
    There are many programs arranged by doctors for consulting and spreading the awareness among the peoples who want to avoid smoking,drinking.Attempt such programs that can guide you to quit the smoking habit.
    But once you decided to stop smoking don't again start smoking by any reason such as tension or any matter.
    I have seen smokers who stopped smoking but after four-five months later they again started smoking,giving the reason smoking takes the tension off the mind.
    So once you go away from the smoking, don't smoke again.

    Simple rule for Life "Live life Happily - Don't Quit,Strive for the Best"

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    The first and foremost thing required to quit smoking is your will power to the utmost level. Secondly, nicotine patches or chewing gums like nicorette can be an adjunct in your mission quit smoking. Thirdly, remember by quitting smoking, you are not only benefitting yourselves but also the near and dear ones who are always nearby to you by protecting them from effects of second hand and third hand smoke.

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    Today in this the word 'SMOKING' is the most talked word.

    Millions of people have the habit of smoking and all they want to quit this but they are helpless to do so. See what cigarette does is the hallucination of the mind cells and person taking it feels very good after taking it. So this is directly affecting our brain but somehow if we remove the pleasure we get doing this, we will stop smoking. But doing so is not that easy and requires lot of patience. There are some drugs which are available in the market that help to fight this thing.

    So totally depends on the person which is taking it and some days of patience can get him rid of this problem.

    Thank you

    “A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner”

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    Basically Smoking is an addiction. Psychologically when person gets addict to something, he cant stay without that. Its actually a Substance Based Disorder.
    So, when person feels to smoke he should try some alternative method.Like chewing of chocolates etc. else he can also reduce the numbers of Cigarettes which he consume in single day.
    But, when Obsession becomes major i think one should take an advice from Doctor as well.

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