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    What music instrument Ravana used to play?

    What music instrument Ravana used to play? I have got many different answer's
    so i m confused which is correct.I think it is not an easy question because
    i have seen this question in a top level competitive exam. Please give me the correct answer.
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    Ravana has the creativity of playing good Veena music. His Raagas were unique and can blend it perfectly. According to Ramayana, he could able to floor down Lord Shiva with his Veena recital and had many boons from the lord.
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    As per Hindu mythology Raavan was very meticulous and disciplined person. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and was very regular in his worship to Shiva. He was a good player of the musical instrument named Veena (Rudra Veena). It is said that to get the Aatma Lingam from Lord Shiva for his mother, he took out his nerves and used it as strings for playing Rudra Veena. He had to do this for getting the darshan of Shiva and thus obtaining Aatma Lingam from the Lord who was very much pleased with this act of Raavana.

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    It is veena. I saw many pictures of Ravana playing veena.

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    Ravana is a true worshiper of Lord Siva as we all know. Ravana is not as cruel and moron as his psyche was portrayed in Ramayana. Ravana being ardent worshiper of Siva , having intense love towards music he went to an extent of pulling out his nerves just to fulfill his mothers wish to have the aatma linga which was possessed by lord Siva . Ravana is best known for playing Rudra Veena. As already mentioned by the above authors his music had a peculiarity with a total blend of tunes and had uniqueness in totality

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    Being a devoted worshiper of Lord Shiva, Ravana use to play Rudra Veena to please him.
    Also its it known that Rudra Veena was created by Ravana and had created many devotional music to please Lord Shiva.

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