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    Is that Possible to increase height after 20 years of age for a girl?

    Good Morning Mam,
    I am megha
    I am 21 years of age. My height is 5'1 and weight is 50kgs.
    I want to increase my height so despertly,will that be possible?
    I have got the periods when i was in 6th standered.
    my mom is 5'4 and father is 5'7. so would I be able to increase my height?
    I am ready to do efforts.
    please suggests..
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    Hi megha,

    As per the science says, the growth rate for female is up to 18, and maximum 21; however for male it can be up to 25. As per my opinion there is no chance to increase the height after 21 for a female, but if you go for some height making modern treatments it can be done, but there is no surety.

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    You seem a little depressed with your height which you think is very short as compared to your peers or your parents. However, I am sorry to say that at 21 years of age it is almost impossible to increase your height. Your hormones and genes will not allow your body to grow. A person's height is mainly influenced by his genes and also by nutrition and environment.
    But, why do you want to so desperately increase your height? I know there are disadvantages of being short in height and sometimes a huge confidence buster, however, you should be proud of what you are or who you are. I am sure that a little increase in height would not make any difference to your personality. I have known people who are 5'8 and yet depressed of their height and wish that they could be 6'0. What I am trying to say is that you will never be happy and content if you are not content with what you have. Make the best of what you are.

    There are many advantages of being short:
    Short people have a great balance.
    Short people look younger than they really are.
    Short people are great in Gymnastics.
    Short people never have to worry about hitting their head on a door frame.
    Short people have greater chances while playing hide and seek with their children.

    There are many more of these examples but you need to figure them out for yourself. Learn to love yourself.

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    Dear Megha,

    Don't get desparate thinking about your height.However your height is not that short. There are many many women of that height living quite successfully and happily.

    Except for some special recruitment where very tall persons are needed , you have all avenues in normal life. Please not that everyday life is not a fashion show.Agasthya, the famous Rishi(Muni) was a short man.Hence he was referred to as Kurumni(short muni) in Tamil.But his achievements are taller than mountains.

    Now coming to the realities, as per the existence medical knowledge, height cannot be increased at your age.But some minor improvements can be made by certain focused exercises.These exercise help to expand the folds in the hip, joints in legs ,neck etc and the totality effect is slight increase in height.But this has to be undertaken under expert supervision, otherwise it may be dangerous and may cause fracture etc.

    As you are worried about appearance, all I can say is, many times appearance is deceptive. Wearing suitable high heeled footwear, wearing elongated striped dresses, avoiding certain colours or colour combination, s suitable hairdo, all this can make you appear taller.

    If one is very tall ,that also can create problems.Just talk with some tall persons,and you will know how embarrassed they feel sometimes.They also face many problems.

    So, don't be much self conscious. Put full effort and concentration in whatever you do,and achieve. Best Wishes.

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    Height and growth is mainly stimulated by Growth Hormone. It is very much possible to increase height even after 18 years of age. It is provided that epiphysial ends are not ossified completely of the bone ends.

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    Hi Megha!
    I am Praveen, from Bangalore.
    Dwarfism may be due to heredity factors or malnutrition. There is every chance of increasing height up to the age of 30 years. For this you need to contact a good homeopathic doctor to get proper medicines and suggestions to be followed during the course of treatment. Join any gymnasium as doing some specific kind of exercise will also act as positive catalyst to your efforts. But prevent yourself from taking unnecessary medicines of self medication.

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    Dear Megha, as you have mentioned that you have attained menarche in sixth standard, your epiphysial ends of long bones would have been fused by 10th class or +1. This is due to the effect of estrognes(the female hormones) that are increased in blood after menarche.

    One interesting thing about Oestrogens is they cause the early spurt of growth and early fusion of bone ends leading to lesser height ultimately in girls as compared to boys.

    Growth hormone is not alone responsible for growth to occur.

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    Hi Megha,

    It is possible to slight increase in your height, but for this you need to do strong efforts.

    1. Play badminton, it will help to increase your height.
    2.Play volleyball.
    3.Massage your backbone (with soft hand) with oil (any body oil)from your hips to neck for 10-15 minutes daily.Keep in mind that the hands movement should be from hips to neck & on back bone only.

    you can also take some Ayurvedic treatment for this.

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