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    Which skills are required for BPO Jobs.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have completed my graduation and am looking for a job. For the time being I want to work in a BPO. What is the difference between BPO and KPO? What set of skills do I need to get a job in the BPO industry? I don't have the American accent, is it possible for me to get a job in the BPO industry?
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    BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. Some companies in India and Overseas give a part of their business other than main line o activity to other firms. This is done because to do those by themselves it may need more establishment expenses like space,salary equipment etc. But in comparison it may not bring much profit. There will be other companies or firms who are doing this type of jobs as their main activity.So the principal companies use their service at a fees.

    The most common BPO we are familiar is call centres. Here, there a number of staff, a team assigned a separate company's outsourced job.They receive calls from all over the country , or from another foreign contry, and answer them as per they are trained . For example we have to call a service centre of say LG Electronics. There is a number given 1800-xxxxxxx. Actually this may not be the LG company's office no. This may be a call centre. When yo call the operator there receives the call, hears us , notes down the details , and then without our knowing forwards the details to the company either by phone r through online system. The same call centre if they are BPO for an American credit company for example will receive calls from America. The America desk will attend calls and answer relevant details as trained.The Call centre gets fees from all the client companies Depending on the overseas countries, the timing of work also changes.

    Call centre is only one example.

    BPO staff need general education and specialization depending on the business handled. On the job specific trainings are given.

    For a call centre the staff need communication skill in clarity, pronunciation, politeness and decency in talking,talking only to the point etc. You may select a BPO having only Indian companies as clients.Here there is no problem of American accent.

    Best Wishes.

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    Normally people feel that BPO jobs are very easy to do. Working in BPO you get lots of money. But I am glad that you have raised this question because like other jobs even BPO jobs required few skills.

    KPO is knowledge process outsourcing and BPO is business process outsourcing. If you are willing to work for voice process then good communication skills are required. In India we have two types of BPO. Those are domestic bpo and international bpo. Further these are divided in inbound process and outbound process.

    In domestic bpo mainly good command on English, Hindi and any regional language is required. Where as in international good command in English is required. In India we have UK, US, Canadian, Australian based international processes. But normally person who has neutral accent can apply for this job.

    Inbound process is nothing but customer care profile. Here executive gets call from user of the product. So in this role major responsibility is to resolve query of caller. In outbound process executive needs to make call to target customers to sell companies various products or to give information about new product.

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    let me answer your question step by step.
    (1) Difference between KPO and BPO.
    KPO- knowledge process outsourcing.
    BPO- business process outsourcing.
    KPO mainly deals with quality of information. in this sector company main motive to inform there client in such a way that they became expert about there product.
    BPO mainly deals with the customer related issue. This sector works in many way from calling customer to solving there issue regarding product.
    (2)Skill required
    Communication skill is the most important thing for BPO/KPO
    sector. you should know yourself i.e. if there is need you should define yourself in front of recruiter. little bit knowledge about BPO/KPO sector.
    (3) don't have American accent
    BPO/KPO have two category international and domestic if you think you are not good enough then you can start from domestic.

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    BPO demands best communication skills and if youe plannin to join it then you should pay attention to your communication skills.You should be sound ,fluent and best in your communication skills.Your accent matters a lot.Many companies provides training for it depending upon to which customers belong.If it is american then your accent should like american.

    thank you

    “A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner”

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    BPO requires the following skill set

  • Excellent communication
  • Good team player
  • Flexible for the shifts
  • Minimum qualification should be a graduate
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Certification – an added advantage
  • English fluency (Both verbal and written skills)
    Jagannathan S
    ISC Member

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    The main difference between KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) is that in KPO we have to do all R&D for a particular requirement.

    BPO is concerened with carrying out the third-party business activites. It helps in increasing the flexibilty of organisation. It is like convincing the people to start using their product or solving the issues if they already have the one.

    KPO requires many process to be carried out both for on-site and off-shore organizations.It requires a highly technical knowledge and needs a lot of investigations.Process transparency is the major barrier of KPO

    Both KPO and BPO are basically aimed at cost saving.

    Skills reqiuredfor BPO basically are:

    1. Should have a patience to listen to customer.
    2. Should have a command over communication skills that is needs to be very fluent in English speaking.
    3. Should have a computer knowledge with good typing speed.
    4. Should have a ability to respond spontaneously to customer so that the customer is satisfied.

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    >Good Communication skills.
    >Good Typing skills.
    >Good Analytical skills.

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    Let me tell you the difference between BPO and KPO. BPO jobs are low end jobs like customer care,transaction process,chat, email process etc.KPO jobs are high end jobs like engineering design services,Legal services,Computer aided design,Web designing,Market research etc.KPO is nothing but extension of BPO.

    Eligibility for BPO and KPO also varies.80% of the BPO's are okay plus 2,only few employers look for graduates. Freshers are readily taken by the BPO sector.Where as KPO's generally do not take freshers.Expertise knowledge and skills are the prerequisite.Experienced people in domain knowledge is expected.

    American accent is not necessary to get a job in BPO.Let me explain about the types of jobs in BPO.

    1.Voice based :
    Expectation is no MTI (Mother Tongue Influence)

    2.Non Voice based : Need to interact with customers or clients through mails,chats or doing transaction process.

    3.Semi Voice based :Combination of voice and transaction process.

    Please refer to the below link.You will get better idea about BPO
    interview rounds.

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    1. Good communication & language
    2. Basic computer knowledge with typing skills
    3. Good Interpersonal skills
    4. should be ready to work under stress.

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    Hi Renin,
    Getting job in BPO is not so tough. BPO stands for Businesss Process Outsourcing. You need to have basic knowledge like

    1. Good Communication skills in written as well as oral.
    2. Good typing skills(just for non-voice process).
    3. Ready to work in night shifts.
    4. Minimum qualification in graduation, under graduation is also ok for call centers or small MNC.
    5. Interpersonal skills
    6. Fluent English(for voice process)

    These are enough for a job in BPO. I hope you will go for non-voice process if you have good typing speed. Voice process is just useful to make your fluency better.

    KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. KPO deals with quality information and it requires a lot of knowledge in a candidate.

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