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    What should be the normal level of blood sugar?

    What should be the normal level of blood sugar, when a person age is 40 to 45 ?
    Recently my mother had her blood sugar pp test.In empty stomach sugar level is 90 and after having breakfast sugar is190.Doctor said no need to worry he just changed the medicine and called for review in 15 days.
    Is every thing ok .
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    The blood sugar range is about of 3.6mM to 5.8mM (millimoles/litres)or 64.8 to 104.4mg/dL. The normal level is 4mM or 72mg/dL.
    As per your levels which needs to control in there diets.

    Thank you,

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    Dear Vinod, It is not clear from your question whether your mother was already on medication for control of blood sugar before she took the test. However your statement that your doctor changed the medications suggest that she already was on medications. The empty stomach report which is known as fasting blood sugar of 90 mg% is perfect. The 190 mg in the post prandial blood sugar test (PP2BS)is more than the required normal range of 120 mg% - 150 mg%. For getting optimum blood sugar control in patients of maturity onset diabetes mellitus together with the type of medication, dosage and timing is very important. If all these things are not taken care of it can lead to poor control of blood sugar levels with long term problems or hypoglycemic episodes with equally disastrous results. From the look of it, it seems that your mother has a problem with handling extroneous sugar in the form of food. At a basal level her body is capable of handling the blood sugar levels. for such a patient it is good to have a combination of pioglitazone with methformin preferably before breakfast. Evening dosages are better avoided. Also six monthly Hb1ac test will help in assessing whether blood sugar levels have been adequae or not.

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    Hello, my name is KIRAN . According to lab test , the normal blood sugar level is 80-180 mg/dl and it is very important to check blood sugar level in diabetes patient because there is slight extra glucose absorption during eatinng there is more chances of increasing blood sugar level .

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    The normal range of blood sugar is 80 to 120, and for aged people the blood level can be upto 200 also but not more then 200
    Usually the fasting blood level will be low and after food it will be more.

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    The fasting blood sugar level is 80 to 120 and the post prandial sugar level,which means, after the intake of food is 150 to 180 but may vary, so the level upto 200 is generally considered normal if the fasting suger level is within normal limits.

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