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    Qualifications required for becoming a pre primary and Kindergarten teacher

    What is the basic qualification needed to become a pre-primary and a kintergarten teacher? Is there any degree course being conducted by any of the universities in India? Can it be done part time? Is there any chance of doing Ph.d in the field of child education?
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    The Bachelor's degree is enough for the pre-primary and kindergarten teachers. The main qualification for the kindergarten teachers should be kindness to the children, lots of patience and socialize with the children to teach them.
    Jagannathan S
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    hi nagalakshmi

    The basic qualification needed to become a kindergarten teacher is normal degree.

    Many schools prefer the person who is having skills to handle kids in a very smooth and appropriate manner and teacher must have lot of patience to handle them.

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    For a pre-primary and a kindergarten teacher the basic qualification needed is a bachelors degree. However you may undergo a training called Nursery teachers training which many kindergarten institutions provide.

    Holy Family Kindergarten academy also provides such trainings.

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    Primarily one needs Montessori training for becoming nursery or kindergarten teacher. The Montessori training is provided by several institutions throughout India. Few schools also provide the training for teachers. You can Google to find the training center near to your place.
    The nursery teacher training is addressed as Montessori training mostly. The course takes about 9 to 9 and half months. The curriculum would include various child related studies with practical approach, where the trainees have to manage the preschoolers. They would receive an appropriate degree or certificate after completion of the course. After which they can apply to schools or preschools for the post of nursery or preschool or kindergarten teacher.
    The eligibility criteria for the course is +2. Some even complete Bachelor degree even after the course, as bachelor degree has become the minimum qualification for any job today. Also few institutions with Montessori training offer short term courses on child psychology and nutrition. These courses would increase the chances of getting into better schools. Personally I know an institute named cultural academy in Chennai which offers courses and seminars on various child health along with Montessori training. I am sure that there are many such institutes in India.

    with regards

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    It depends on if it is a public or a private school. Private, not much for some, a Ph.D for others. It depends on the school. Special schools like Montessori and Waldorf will require their own training on top of a four year degree. Public schools will require a teaching certification from the state you are in. All state certifications are a four year degree at least. In some cases it is 5 years. 4 for a degree in something and then another year of education courses and student teaching.

    PhD early childhood education programs can prepare you for leadership positions in preschool through fifth grade (K-5) settings. This page provides information on what is studied and where you can study these programs.

    Northcentral University - Graduate ?Doctor of Education (EdD) - Early Childhood Education

    Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Early Childhood Education

    Walden University ?PhD in Education - Early Childhood and Primary Education

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    Hi Lakshmi,
    Different schools require different degrees, but most of the good schools expect teachers to join activity clubs or conduct activities. This is done to ensure that kids enjoy extracurricular activities as it makes learning interesting for them. Some of the schools like Ascend have an international school curriculum, where much of what is considered "extra" curricular subject matter is built into the everyday schedule for students. This platform provides exposure to multiple subject areas like music, art, science, technology and second languages.


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