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    Transfer of voter id card

    Respected Sir,

    I want to ask a question about transfer of voter id card from one state to another. I brought up in Surat, Gujarat and recently married to Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have a Voter Card register in Surat, but now after marriage in Mumbai, I want to transfer my name from Surat to Mumbai of Voter card.

    I request to ask you what will be procedure for the transfer from Surat to Mumbai.

    Please be helpful to give information for the same.

    Thanking You.
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    Usually getting a voter id card transferred is a difficult task. If is not so urgent you can wait upto to another election by then you can include your name. Hope aadhar card enrolment is also available in your state.

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    Voter card can not transfers from one state to another if you want to transfer from one place to another in the same state then only transfer of voter id card is possible. I will give you one easy procedure to you that first you cancel the existing voter card that registered in Surat by going to the concerned office may be your area revenue office.Now you apply for a fresh voter id card in Mumbai at where you are now living with your husband .You can apply for a new election id card through online or at your nearest post office also.You will be issued with a new voter card from the concerned election officials with in certain period of time.

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    According to me, first you have to cancel your name as a voter from the election roll of your area, where did you live ago. For this kind of process, Block Level Officers(BLO) are put for each voting area, when the election would have come. you would have to fill up the form no.7 going there,from where you want to remove your name. The BLO will give you a receipt. Then, you will have to go to the BLO, when you are living, now. There, you would have to fill up the form no.6 with the encloses of that receipt, the xerox of the old voter ID card, the marriage certificate or the written copy about your marriage with the person from the jury, a residential proof and your fresh passport sized photo.That's all.

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