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    Spects causing dark circle around the eyes.

    I am 21 years in age and having the problem of myopia from the past 6 years. Due to the use of spectacles, dark spots have developed around the eyes. I want to get rid of these dark circle around the eyes. Also on removing the spectacles it seems that eyes have shifted imwards. Give me easy and home remeady of this serious problem.
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    For spectacles users the dark parts appear around eyes because some part of the specs press against the skin ( and 'sit on' ) on those parts. Usually the parts are two sides of the nose bone,the place below the lower eyelids and the place on the outside behind ear lobes.

    Keeping the specs properly tight,and not too tight,but not drooping down,can reduce the pressure on the skin . Using plastic lenses and light weight frames will help to a large extent.

    In the case of myopia, there cannot be much choice to make the frame and lense light, because the grinding has to be made in such a way that optimum vision is got. This causes the lense to be broad at the outer side,limiting the frame choice.

    If not going for contact lenses, then try to remove the specs periodically and keep those parts to get air to the possible extent. Applying some light harmless facials like milk cream, sandal paste etc once in a while when taking rest will rejuvenate the skin.

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    To avoid dark circles round your eyes you can use contact lens as an alternative. You can also use under eye creams being marketed by the company garnier.

    Avoid studys late at night. Give proper rest to your eyes. Give breaks between studies. You can try applying cucumber slices on your eyes mhen you have time to relax and close your eyes.

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    Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water daily is recommended for you.It will automatically make your skin smooth and make the spots appear less visible.8 hours of sleep daily is essential too.Apply pure almond oil on the affected area and massage well before going to bed at night.A week of continuous usage should fetch you results.

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    You will need to consult your eye specialist as he will be the right person to guide you with your issues.

    Lawrence and Mayo

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    Have a good night's sleep
    Try to avoid spects as much as possible
    use over the counter available creams to hide the dark spots
    have a good and balanced diet
    Take vitamin A capsules
    avoid long exposure to computer and television screen


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    Hi Amit,
    You can try any of these tips inoder to remove your dark circles under eyes.
    1)Drink atleast 15 glasses of water daily.
    2)Must have eight hours of sleep .
    3)If you are applying any cream ,dont leave more than 10 mins.Wash it off using cotton.
    4)Mix turmeric powder with pine apple juice and apply regularly .
    5)Apply a mixture of lemon and potato juice twice a day.
    6)Dip the cotton in rose water or cold water and apply smoothly under your eyes for few minutes.
    7)Try to intake vitamin A riched foods.
    8)Cucumber and potato are best for dark circle removal.So you can either slice or make a juice and apply it daily when going to sleep.
    9)Dont strain your eyes by looking computer/TV/laptop more time.

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    people think that minus glasses protect your eyes but the fact is that it causes strain to your eyes.So i suggest that you should start using plus or reading glasses for all kinds of close work such as computers,watching T.V., reading, writing that is within 7 feet. Minus glasses should be used for distant work like driving. You should use +1 for mild myopia that is less than -3 or you can yourself check the power of lenses at a shop. You should be able to read or write comfortably with plus glasses. +1 lenses are good to start with. Plus glasses slows the deterioration of eyesight as compared to minus glasses. Minus glasses cause much strain so eyes become further weak.
    plus therapy is a recognised method and you can also search the google for that.

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    This is common with the persons who wears spects. Either you can change your spects frame to lighter or a new frame which is adjustable to your face. I have seen lot of my friends keep on wearing the same old framed spects and when they see the mark problems then they rush to change it.

    It may be possible that the frame got small and tight. Check this problem first.

    The best thing is that after every six months or in a year change your spects frames as per your face sizes, which will be more comfortable and will avoid any marks.

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    this is common problem.....

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    Dark circles are caused mainly because of lack of adequate sleep and working on computer for long hours. It can also be a result of watching lot of TV and inadequate diet.

    To get rid of dark circles, drink lot of water. Take proper healthy and balanced diet diet; do not strain your eyes. While working on computer, put anti-glare glasses.

    Rub skin of potato or cucumber daily before going to bed for atleast 5 minutes. This would definitely reduce dark circles and also take stress free and adequate sleep.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Dark circle is also a sign for weakness, so better improve your diet and take enough sleep, don't study/work late night and drink enough water.
    Night sleep should be more than 6 hours a day.
    Water intake should be at least 6-8 glasses a day.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

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    I have the same problem since I too am a specky girl! I've been using some of the methods which I feel are beneficial:

    1. The most traditional one- using cucumber. Take two thick slices of cucumber and put them over your eyes and leave for 15 minutes. You can use potato in the same way as well.

    2. Caffeine is good for this purpose. You can put used tea bag over your eyes. Green tea bags would be even more beneficial as green tea contains more amount of caffeine. If you don't have tea bags then you can use used black tea and put over your eyes. In this case tea will fall here and there and mess up but it'll work. It would be even more beneficial if you keep the tea bags or tea in fridge overnight. But DON'T go for herbal tea or tea bags.

    3. Put two spoons in fridge overnight and then put it over your eyes the next day. Cold items helps in removing puffiness.

    4. Applying vitamin E can help.

    5. Put a pinch of turmeric in one spoon milk cream and apply the mixture over your eyes and leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse.

    6. Ice pack too can help.

    7. Other than the natural methods, there are certain products in market like Garnier eye roll on which is for treating dark circles. You can go for that too.

    8. At last but not the least, take rest properly, and drink healthy amount of water and, consume fresh and healthy food.

    One advice is, don't put your glasses all the time. I mean of course wear them during work, watching TV, computers, driving etc but let your eyes relax when you're at home. Because the lens is an artificial correction and when your power increases the stress on your eye also increases (due to the power of your lens). Even while work put your glasses off and relax your eyes. Let your eyes relax whenever you get time. And do eye exercises.

    Sneha Sunny

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    Dear friend
    the best home made remedy is the most natural one:

    1.Apply the raw potatoes on the eyes when they are closed.I am giving this advise as it the most active one as I have experienced it myself.

    2. It not only reduces the dark circles but also sometimes when we wear lenses throughout the whole day, we often complain of the pain in our eyes, then they also help in relaxing the eye muscles.

    3.Rinse your eyes daily in the morning with water thoroughly, this will help you in the pain less day ahead.

    4.Now why don't you go for the contact lenses as they will also reduce the problem of spectacles every time on your eyes and also will improve your eye problem as well.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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