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    Can anyone suggest me how to write blogs?

    I want to know in detail how to write the blogs and get good traffic through it. Only good answers will be entertained. I have heard that people are earning quite a good income through it. Also please try to give step wise process.
    Thanks in advance.
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    This question is already asked by many members so kindly refer the earlier expert replies.

    Writing the updated information with keywords will generate more traffic as per my knowledge.

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    Now I know my answer.

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

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    please do the following:
    1.Open this link
    2 Login with your g-mail id or make new account.
    3.Click on create blog.
    4.Enter article for your blog like "your name".
    5.Enter URL for your blog like "your name ".
    6.Type verification world and click continue.
    7.After that choose your template which one you like most.
    8.Than click start blogging button .
    9.Now in title box enter you title.
    10.Than enter few sentences about your blog and you have done.
    11.Now if you want to get more traffic ping your blog.
    12.Open site in your Internet browser.
    13.Enter your blog name and URL and ping your blog .

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    Please find the answers as below;

    1. Open your account from which will reflect your blog as (xyz is just for an example and what you mention will reflect over there)

    2. Try to practice self interesetd topic to write in MS-Word then re-check it thrice before posting it on your blog, select hot topic, select good title and initially brief description shall write and submit, then start to write few paragraphs below them with good and hot keywords naturally.

    3. Make sure the subject you selected is of well known by yourself first then write it in your own way plus it should be unique in presenting them online.

    4. It is not enough that you just write few articles in your blog and stopped but you have to keep on writing your article daily and submit it every day one article at least.

    5. Try to insert flag counter which will help you to know who have visited your website and what interest and keyword brought them there, so, you can write about them in a various article with different presentation.

    6. Once your blog got enough traffic and much articles from you then try to apply for a Google adsense account - sometime you will get approved adsense account immediately and sometime not, you may keep on reapplying for adsense account if it is rejected in case. Once you got adsense account, you may then add its code to your blog wherein your blog will have Google ads that will benefit you for a long time and very important do not violate Google adsense policy including article drafting method.

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    The road between a blog and a bank can be shortened by following these simple steps.

    1. Publish quality articles
    2. Be consistent in your posts
    3. After you have signed up for Adsense, study the Allow/Block Ads and decide on which type of Ads to display. Select those that are relevant to your blog's content. For instance, if you are writing about technology, the Ads displayed should be preferably new gadgets and technology etc.
    4. Don't litter your posts with errors and spelling mistakes as search words will not locate them.
    5. Whenever possible use HTML formatting for words of interests or lines that are catchy.
    6. Know about the 'in things' in the www scene and write about them.
    7. Lastly, if you think your blog deserves more audience than the one you are getting, sign up for Adwords and promote it.

    "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"

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    1. First of all, find a topic to base your blog on.
    2. Then start a blog, either under eblogger or wordpress
    3. Then start small yet quality articles and post them
    4. Make the articles key-word rich
    5. DO not overuse keywords. Spamming is not advised.
    6. Once you start earning good number of hits, apply for an adsense account.
    This way you can earn from your blog as well.

    'Do Your Best and Leave the Rest'

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    You have heard absolutely right my friend. A lot of people are earning a residual income through their blogs.
    Here I can give you some of the tips for better blogging.

    * To create your blog go to and open an account or use your existing gmail id. You can also sign-up with wordpress as it is the second best blogging platform after blogger.

    * Give a title to your blog which matches your contents. For example if you are going to write about blog writing then give your title as "Tips for Better Blogging" or something like that with at-least one keyword for better SEO.

    * Never try to copy contents from other blogs or websites as search engines bots can easily detect duplicate contents which will affect your PR severly. Post useful and informative contents which visitors will like to read.

    * At the end of your every post ask your visitors to comment and give suggestions.

    * Reply every comment which you got on your posts.

    * Post contents frequently because visitors as well as search engines both of them like fresh contents.

    * Your pages should be easily navigable. Link all your pages to each other. So that search engine crawlers can easily crawl over all your pages and posts. Don't fill your pages with messy images and text which are not necessary.

    * Submit your blog to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, or you can also use to submit your site to 20+ search engines with a single click.

    * Submit your blog to major blog directories like Technorati, Blogarama, etc. You will get some quality backlinks from them.

    * Give comments on YouTube videos related to your niche. YouTube receives a lot of traffic daily and lot of views on videos. So, if possible upload some of your own videos related to your niche with a watermark of your blog's url on it. You will get a lot of software on the internet for making videos.

    * After you start receiving regular traffic now its time to monetize your blog. You can monetize your blog with Ad-sense. However its very difficult to get approval from Google. You can also use Adbrite, Adclickmedia, Chitika, Infolinks, etc to monetize your blog.

    It's pretty hard to earn a good income through blogs. You will have to be consistent and patient. It will not yield results in a day or two. You will have to work hard for quite a few months or even years to get that potential.

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    Writing blog is not easy task.We have to do lot of work and we must spend more time can follow the steps:
    1.Go to either of blogging sites which provide you with unlimited free space as you are beginner I would like to suggest you to start with free service.
    2.Choose a topic for your blog.The topic must be of yor interest and you must have vast knowledge about that topic.
    3.After registering yourself choose related name for your blog.Remember the domain of your blog and title of your blog should be related to your topic.
    4.Write at least 10 good quality posts on the topic.After writing each post attach some labels to these posts.You can use free Google keyword tool to know what are the tags used to search on your topic.
    5.The next part is SEO i.e. search engine optimization.The SEO is art of ranking your blog/site on first page of google search engine for some related tags.
    6.The three important techniques for SEO are:
    Submit your blog/site to online directories and search engines.
    Getting backlinks.Also you can put link in various forums and question-answer type websites.
    Share link to your blog/site on social networks like facebook and google+ etc.
    7.Be consistent in writing and write as many posts as you can.Give your attention to the page rank of your site/blog. can then monetize your blog with one of advertising networks like adsense,chitika,infolinks,bidvertiser,adhitz etc.
    9.If google does not approve your account then you can opt for any of these add networkd but chitika,infolinks and adhitz are next to adsense.Try to create only origional and unique content.Don't copy paste the content from anywhere on the web as if they are recognized as copied content then the site/blog may be blocked by advertising networks.

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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