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    Why auspicious events wont takes place at South Indian homes during ''Aadi'' month ?

    Why auspicious events wont takes place at South Indian homes during ''Aadi'' month ? During August mid to Sept mid is generally considered the ''Aadi month'' which is regarded as most in auspicious and good events are postponed for other months. What may be the reason for such postponement and why Aadi month is considered a bad omen ?
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    It is the time when the sun changes the journey in the sky, it is the night time of gods. one year of humans is equal to one day of god. festivals are celebrated in aadi month but only marriages and auspicious events are not done in this month due to heavy rains which may spoil the heavy celbrations

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    As you said normally no auspicious event will take place in Aadi month in South India. The reason behind this is it is a rainy season and people undertake rituals for their late forefathers during this month. It is the last month as per Malayalam calendar. In Malayalam Aadi month is known as Karkkidakam. We do not use drumstick leaves during this month to cook food as in this month drumstick leaves will be poisonous. As far as I know no marriages will take place in this month. I have also heard that lot of people die during this month. Old people consider it as good if you die in this month as you can go directly to heaven. As the death rate is more during this month, people make "Karkidaka Congee" which is considered very good for your health. In short, it is a month of deaths and rain therefore no auspicious things will take place. The month followed by Aadi is Chingam, which is a very good month for South Indians.
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    The actual reason behind this is that the month of AADI is the month of festivals and most celebrated month for Goddess Lakshmi and Durga. So, in a conscious that one should dedicate his time completely to their deities alone and not waste their time in any other activities like marriages or other events, our forefathers decided not to waste any time in other activities than meditating and doing the rituals to their holy deities. So, no marriages are being done in the month of AADI and mostly in the month of Margazhi also. And this also applies to Tuesdays where we don't see many marriage events occuring. But this was wrongly interpreted as if these months were not good months and one should not do any good activities during these months and if done they wont be successful.

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